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Because they're filled with poop, many people are intimidated by cloth diapers. But as anyone who reared cloth diaper-wearing kids can tell you, they're really not a big deal -- as long as you know how to clean them! Take this quiz to see if you have the knowledge to take on the challenge of cloth diapers.

True or false: You can use any kind of detergent when washing cloth diapers.

You really want to be careful with the kind of detergent you use when washing cloth diapers. Avoid using detergents with additives or bleach, and don't even use a fabric softener, as this will decrease the diapers' absorbency.


What is the wet pail method?

The wet pail method is exactly what it sounds like: a special pail that's partially filled with water in which diapers are soaked before washing.


What is a diaper sprayer?

A diaper sprayer is a handy tool that you can hook to your toilet to spray the solid waste from the diaper into the toilet. It resembles the detachable water faucets that are in many kitchen sinks.


How do you strip a cloth diaper?

If your cloth diapers get a buildup of detergent, you will need to strip them in order to get their absorbency levels back to normal. To do this, send the diapers through a hot wash cycle without using detergent. Then rinse them until there are no bubbles in the water.


True or false: You don't need to wash new cloth diapers before putting them on your baby.

You will want to wash your cloth diapers at least once before using them. Depending on the brand and the material they're made of, you may need to wash them multiple times before putting them on your baby, as this removes some chemicals and increases absorbency.


How much detergent should you use when washing cloth diapers?

You want to use a quarter to half the recommended amount of detergent to prevent buildup. Detergent buildup is one of the leading causes of decreased absorbency in cloth diapers.


How often should you wash a load of cloth diapers?

You should wash a load of cloth diapers every two to three days to prevent odors and stains.


How many times should you wash hemp diapers before their first use?

When first purchased, diapers made of cotton or hemp should be washed at least five to six times before use. This helps remove some of the chemicals and increase absorbency.


True or false: You can add baking soda to the prewash cycle to help eliminate odors.

If you need extra help eliminating odors, add baking soda or vinegar to the prewash cycle.


True or false: You shouldn't use diaper rash creams when using cloth diapers.

You should avoid using diaper rash creams because they tend to stain diapers.


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