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Show your favorite furniture pieces some tender loving care by using these five household cleaning items. You may be surprised by what mayonnaise can do. Take this quiz to find out.

What makes a great salad dressing and a great furniture polish?

Olive oil may be use to polish unpainted wood furniture.


When polishing unpainted wood furniture, how much olive oil should you use?

You will only need a small amount of olive oil.


To polish unpainted wood furniture, how should you apply the olive oil?

Apply a small amount of oil to a soft cloth and rub the oil into your favorite wooden pieces.


If you don't have olive oil, what other household product may you use to polish wood furniture?

Shoe polish may also be used to polish wood furniture.


Before applying to wood, what should you do with the shoe polish?

Soften the polish by putting it in a warm spot.


To polish wood surfaces, how should you apply shoe polish?

Use a soft cloth to rub softened shoe polish Into the wood surfaces.


What color shoe polish should you use to polish wood?

You may use clear polish for all woods.


Other than polishing the wood, how else may shoe polish improve the appearance of your wood furniture pieces?

The polish may make scratches and small nicks in the wood simply vanish.


What may happen if you forget to use a coaster under a water glass?

You may get a ring on your coffee or dining table.


What delicious condiment may remove water marks from wood?

Mayonnaise may remove unsightly water marks from wood.


How do you apply mayonnaise to water marks?

Use a soft cloth to rub the mayonnaise into the water marks.


How long should you leave mayonnaise on water marks?

Let the mayonnaise work on the water marks overnight and wipe them both away the next day.


What may prevent water marks on wooden surfaces?

To protect wooden surfaces, use a coaster under beverages.


What is great both for feet and polishing furniture?

Save old cotton socks to polish your wooden furniture. Add a bit of furniture cleaner to the sock and you are ready to shine. Old cotton towels may be used for furniture polishing, also.


Why is a sock better for polishing wood than an old towel?

The sock may be slipped over your hand, making it easier to clean crevices and other wooden pieces.


What may be effective to wear both while washing dishes and for collecting pet hair from upholstered items and other soft furnishings?

Rubber gloves may be used to collect pet hair.


What should use do if rubber gloves irritate your skin?

If the rubber gloves irritate your skin, use cotton liners.


How do rubber gloves collect pet hair from soft furnishings?

To pick up pet hair, dampen the outside of rubber gloves and run your gloved hands over the soft furnishings.


Why are rubber gloves used for household chores?

Rubber gloves protect your hands from cleaning materials while keeping your hands clean and dry.


Using household items to clean your furniture may save you:

Using household items to clean furniture may save you money, since specialized commercial cleaning products cost more.


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