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There is a gray haze around your house and isn't because of pollution. It's because your windows are long overdue for a cleaning. But before you grit your teeth in frustration and declare that you don't do windows, take our quiz and learn about the secret tool for streak free, shiny windows: newspapers.

What do many people use to clean windows?

Many people use paper towels to clean their windows, which leaves lint-speckled streaks across it.


What do some people say is the best method for cleaning windows?

There is a popular household tradition that says that white vinegar and water applied to glass with old newspapers is the best method for cleaning windows.


Why are newspapers a good choice?

Old newspapers are a good choice because they are free, easy to come by and, unlike paper towels, they are recyclable.


What weather conditions are ideal for cleaning windows?

Cloudy days are best for cleaning windows; sunshine dries the cleaning solution too quickly, leaving streaks.


What is sizing?

Sizing is the material added to newspapers and paper towels to make them water absorbent. This explains why they are both effective cleaners; they absorb the water instead of pushing it around.


Why does newspaper ink not transfer to the window?

Ink will transfer to your hands or the wooden window trimmings, but not onto glass, because glass is a slick, non porous surface.


What is one theory about why newspapers make a great window cleaning tool?

Either the ink or the paper itself has a sandpaper like texture which cuts through dirt.


What is ink made of today?

Today, ink is vegetable-based. It used to be petroleum based.


What are other effective tools to clean windows with?

Other effective window-cleaning tools are squeegees or cloth diapers.


What is a downside to using newspapers as a cleaning tool?

A downside of using newspapers is that the ink can transfer to your hands or window trimmings and wet newspapers tend to disintegrate.


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