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Window cleaning can be one frustrating experience if you've worked up a real sweat rubbing, only to look up and see sunlight-blocking streaks! But don't despair! Take our quiz and get tips for cleaning glass without streaks.

What is the most important factor in preventing streaks on glass?

It's the tools you use that determine whether or not you will achieve streak free glass.


What is a chemical free material that works great as a glass cleaner?

A spray bottle of vinegar is a great, economical choice for cleaning glass and mirrors.


What ratio of vinegar and water should you use?

Use a 50/50 ratio of vinegar and water (one part vinegar to one part water). Remember, though, that vinegar will leave a strong odor.


When doing heavy duty cleaning with soap, how can you prevent streaks?

Soap leaves a lot of residue, so if adding soap to the mixture for some more heavy duty cleaning, use a minimal amount.


What is the worst material to use on a window or mirror?

Paper towels leave lint speckled streaks on your window or mirror. The best option is to use newspaper, a microfiber cloth or a squeegee.


When using newspaper, what should you be careful to do?

Make sure to wear gloves to prevent ink stains.


If after wiping with newspaper, your windows are still streaky, what can you do?

Try buffing your windows or mirror with a soft cloth; that should get rid of any extra streaks.


How often should you clean your windows and mirrors?

Cleaning your windows and mirrors regularly can prevent a build up of dirt, which will make the whole job more easy.


What is the best material to use to buff?

A chamois or microfiber cloth is best to use to buff.


What kind of water should be used when diluting glass cleaner?

To prevent streaks, especially in hard water areas where there will be limestone in the water, use distilled water when diluting glass cleaner.


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