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Cleaning a petite microwave is one thing, but taking on a major appliance, like a refrigerator or stove, is an entirely different matter. These mammoths of the kitchen can be a daunting task for even the most avid cleaner. Take our quiz to learn some easy ways to clean those large kitchen appliances.

Which of these should you use to remove stains from the liner of your dishwasher?

Baking soda is such a great cleaning agent you might wonder why it isn't called cleaning soda. Simply dip a cloth into some of this magical powder and rub away stains from the liner of your dishwasher.


If you find yourself having to remove an especially tough stain, what type of scouring pad should you use?

Synthetic scouring pads are designed to remove tough stains without destroying the materials with which they come in contact. You should be able to find them wherever cleaning supplies are sold.


For how long should you let baking soda sit at the bottom of a dishwasher you are trying to deodorize?

If you want to fight long-standing odors, let some baking soda sit at the bottom of your dishwasher overnight.


When it's time to remove hard-water stains and to deodorize your dishwasher, what should you use?

Lemonade mix has a lot of ascorbic acid, which fights water stains and odor.


To loosen greasy buildup in your microwave, you should boil 1 cup of water and 1/4 of a cup of what?

Vinegar is a key ingredient in the war on grease. Boil one part vinegar for every four parts water in the microwave to help break down grease. Then you can just wipe the grease away with sponge.


When loosening grease, for how long should you boil the water and vinegar solution in the microwave?

You will have to let the water and vinegar mixture boil for about three minutes to achieve the desired results. After that you should be able to wipe the grease away with a damp sponge.


What is the function of a range hood?

Modern ranges have hoods that ventilate the kitchen by drawing away the greasy air produced by the food you are cooking.


To give range hoods a thorough scrub, you should mix hot water and dishwashing detergent with which of these?

When you really have to combat grease, one of the best things you can use is ammonia. Always wear rubber gloves when using this solution and, of course, keep the bleach as far away as possible.


How often should you replace the filters on your range hoods?

If a range hood does not have vents, it will probably make use of filters that need to be replaced every six to nine months.


What will happen if you wash charcoal filters?

Charcoal filters lose their effectiveness if they are washed. When you feel they are not doing their job well, replace them.


You should defrost your freezer when the frost gets to be how thick?

Once the frost is more than 1/2 of an inch (1.3 cm) thick, it's time to turn it off, remove the food and trays, defrost the insides, and start over.


You should not place any food in the freezer until the freezer has been running for how long?

After defrosting the freezer, you must make sure the freezer has been running for how about 1/2 of an hour before replacing the food.


How often should you vacuum the dust from the back of your fridge?

The back of your refrigerator, especially at the bottom, will collect a tremendous amount of dust. Vacuum it every six months or so.


If you want to prevent odors from building up in the fridge, you should keep which of these in it at all times?

Baking soda will soak up the various smells in your fridge and prevent them from combining into a terrible odor. Keep an open box of baking soda in your fridge at all times.


One way to deodorize your refrigerator is to rub down the inside with what?

Vanilla is such a lovely smell. Soak a sponge in vanilla extract, and rub down the inside of the refrigerator with it.


Which of these should you use to protect the heating elements and other delicate parts from the damaging effects of commercial oven cleaners?

Commercial oven cleaners are so strong that even some parts of your oven can't handle coming in contact with them. Protect those parts, such as the heating elements, with aluminum foil strips.


The self-cleaning system on modern ovens is known as which of these?

Pyrolysis is the process of transforming a compound by way of extreme heat. Modern ovens use a pyrolytic system to destroy oven grime.


Self-cleaning ovens should never be cleaned with which of these?

The chemicals in commercial oven cleaners cause metal surfaces to heat up, which will damage the mechanism of a self-cleaning oven.


You can deodorize your microwave oven by keeping a dish full of which of these in it overnight?

Keep a dish full of vinegar in your microwave overnight, to deodorize. Keep at it until the odor is gone.


If something spills on the bottom of your oven, what should you pour on the spill to soak it up?

Salt absorbs spills and then solidifies. A few hours later you have a small puck of salt that can easily be lifted and thrown out.


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