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Don’t let household chores overwhelm you. Try some simple cleaning tips to help you work smart, not hard. Take this quiz to see how good your cleaning knowledge is.

What kind of calendar may help you stay on top of your household chores?

A cleaning calendar may help you from being overwhelmed by your household chores.


How should you arrange your household chores?

To help you manage your chores, arrange the jobs by room or by frequency, and check off a list as you complete each task.


What kind of chores may be appropriate for small children?

Let your small children help out by dusting and putting away their toys.


How can you make house cleaning a family game?

Give prizes for good work.


Why may working with cleaning products be inappropriate for children?

Cleaning products may have ingredients that require caution when using.


How can you make hard jobs, like vacuuming behind the couch, easier?

Big jobs may be easier with a partner to help you.


What should be cleaned first?

Clean the highest surfaces first.


What should be cleaned last?

Save the floor for the last.


Where does dust settle?

Dust drifts downwards, so dust items higher up first and save floors for the last chore.


For dad, what may be a good room to clean?

Let dad clean the garage.


When house cleaning, how can you save steps?

Clean one room at a time, and you may save some steps.


Who should clean children's rooms?

If the children are old enough, they may clean their own room.


How can you create more space in your closets?

Go through your items and dispose of anything that you don't use.


What should you do with items you don't want anymore?

Donate to charity any items that you no longer use.


When is the best time to organize your closets?

Anytime is the best time to organize your closets. You may find that doing so makes your life a bit easier to manage.


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