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Have you ever started out to clean just the top of your stove and ended up with all of its parts spread out on the kitchen floor while you gave it a thorough cleaning? While such cleaning nightmares are sometimes unavoidable, better planning will help keep your house in top shape without indulging in messy cleaning marathons. Take our quiz for some great tips.

Microfiber cleaning cloths do not _____ dust when you clean.

Microfiber cloths will not scatter dust when you clean your flat screen TV or other electronics. Instead, the cloth traps dust and dirt within its fibers and you can then wash them down the drain.


What are some positive results of regular cleaning?

When you clean your house on a regular basis, you're keeping germs under control and reducing concentrations of aerosol cleaning solvents in your indoor environment.


Small maintenance chores are usually less _____ than weekly cleaning.

You may be able to avoid weekly cleaning marathons if you take the time to do small maintenance chores like wiping down the stove, microwave and countertops every day. Regular maintenance is almost always less messy, too.


Which bathroom cleaning job can you accomplish while your kids play in the bathtub?

If you're letting the kids play for a while in the tub, use the time to wipe down the toilet or sink. You'll be happy to get these chores out of the way.


Which common household spice can you use to make oven spills easier to clean?

Keep oven cleaning to a minimum by sprinkling fresh liquid spills with a layer of salt. After it's dried, you can easily wipe it up with a wet sponge.


What's the easiest way to carry your cleaning products around the house?

Use a portable caddy to carry your cleaning products -- sprays, polishes, sponges and rags -- around the house. You're less likely to make a mess if you keep the right supplies within easy reach.


Never start a major cleaning project if you don't have the _____ to finish it.

If you don't have enough time or energy for a big cleaning project, you can easily get in over your head, which often results in a big mess.


What do you usually find when you unscrew a ceiling light fixture to clean it?

Before you climb up on a ladder and unscrew your light fixture to clean it, be aware that you may get a face full of dead bugs if you're not prepared.


What's the best way to organize your light- and heavy-duty cleaning chores?

The best way to organize your light- and heavy-duty cleaning chores is to prepare a cleaning schedule so you'll always be ready for the day's chores.


Always wear _____ clothes when you clean.

To avoid ruining your nice clothes while you clean, keep a set of old, pre-stained clothes on hand.


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