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Clutter can really kill someone's social life and sense of serenity if it starts to get out of hand. So test your knowledge on which of the possessions shoved under your bed or languishing in your basement could be appealing to another person.

An old lunchbox?

Vintage lunchboxes are pretty popular items among collectors, so if you have one in good condition, it's a good idea to list it online.


An old wardrobe item?

What's old and unloved by you could be appreciated by someone with other tastes. You can get good money for high-quality designer or brand-name used clothing at consignment stores.


An old collection of bills?

After a certain period of time, you don't need to hang onto old bills. You should, however, be sure to shred them (and any other outdated files listing your personal information) before you discard them.


A completed video game?

Just because you beat the boss doesn't mean another gamer has. Resell used video games and get money you can put toward new ones.


An old stuffed animal?

If your children have outgrown their toys, consider most soft items clutter that should be donated.


An unread book?

Books probably won't bring in all that much money, but you can usually get some. And just because a book bored you, doesn't mean someone out there isn't dying to read it.


An unused kitchen appliance?

Whether it's a bread maker, a rice cooker, a vegetable steamer or a waffle machine, chances are good you've got at least a few appliances you almost never use. Give someone else the opportunity to broaden their culinary horizons and sell your small kitchen appliances.


An old pair of eyeglasses?

You probably want to save your most recent set in the event your current pair breaks, but beyond that, what's the point? Plus, there are charities that can get your glasses to someone who can still benefit from your out-of-date prescription.


A piece of jewelry?

Even if a piece of jewelry isn't to your taste, that doesn't mean you won't want to bequeath it down the line. If you hang onto it, it could make a meaningful heirloom one day. Precious metals and gemstones can also be reworked in new styles and settings.


An old turntable?

Music buffs are often traditionalists when it comes to their sound systems, and you can use this to your wallet's advantage if you have items like turntables or cassette decks lying around collecting dust.


An old set of magazines?

Unless you're moving soon (in which case they can serve as packing material) old magazines and newspapers are just clutter. You think you'll read them someday, but in all likelihood, you won't.


An expired prescription?

Expired prescriptions have usually lost a great deal of their potency and can even be dangerous if ingested. If something has the potential to kill you, it's definitely clutter you don't want around. Be sure to follow the instructions for disposing of it correctly.


An old bath towel?

Life is messy, and you never know when you'll encounter a mess you don't want to use a good towel on, so saving old ones in a rag bag is a smart idea. Once they tackle a particularly nasty spill, however, feel free to chuck them.


A broken tool?

A broken tool isn't terribly useful, and depending on what it is, might even be dangerous to keep around. Unless it's an easy fix like swapping out a handle or sharpening an old blade, toss it.


An empty box?

Again, unless you are planning an imminent move, an empty box is simply clutter. At the very least, break it down and store it in that condition, rather than fully assembled.


Old family photos?

Family photos are nice keepsakes to share with future generations. Just make sure yours are properly preserved and won't degrade with time.


An aged pair of sneaks?

Old shoes can be donated, but if yours are in particularly nasty condition, just shoot them into the trash or drop them off at a store that recycles old sneakers. Your feet will thank you for letting them go.


An old piece of furniture?

Lots of old furniture will be prized by others even if you're over it. Consider selling it so someone else can appreciate it in his or her home.


A collection of old pet toys?

As long as you plan on getting a new pet -- which most people generally do -- then hang on to those old pet toys. Animals generally aren't overly concerned with the condition of their personal effects.


Used computer equipment?

Most electronics are destined for the big digital graveyard in the sky if you've gotten full use out of them. Just be sure to dispose of any computers or other electronic devices in a safe fashion if you can't repurpose or donate them. E-recycling events can often be found at schools or stores.


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