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With energy costs going up and household incomes going down, many people are looking for cheaper alternatives for heating their homes. Coal stoves are an economical and efficient option. Take this quiz and learn about the benefits of coal stoves for heating your home.

How available is coal in the United States?

The United States is one of the biggest producers of coal in the world. The country has approximately 250 billion tons of the stuff.


Which type of coal is the most efficient?

Anthracite has the highest carbon content, and therefore produces the most heat.


What state has the most anthracite coal in the United States?

Pennsylvania has more than 90 percent of all the anthracite coal found in the United States. If you live in, or around, Pennsylvania, you're in luck, as the price of anthracite coal is the cheapest in this neck of the woods.


Why are coal stoves preferable over wood stoves?

Coal stoves are a great and economical way to heat your home, even if coal is relatively expensive. Coal stoves require less maintenance and are more efficient compared to wood stoves.


What can leftover coal ash be used for?

Talk about recycling! Leftover ash from burned coal can be used to make tennis rackets and golf balls. Ash is also used in a number of other products.


What are you required to do with a batch coal stove?

A batch coal stove, also known as a hand fired coal stove, requires you to put the coal in the stove. You also need to replace the coal and clear away the ash every 12 hours.


A batch stove requires:

A batch coal stove requires a chimney. So if you don't have a chimney in your home, this type of coal stove is likely not an option for you.


How should you clean away the ash in your batch coal stove?

A batch coal stove requires that you clean away the ash at least every 12 hours. Be aggressive when cleaning away the ash by using quick and rough strokes.


How do you control the temperature in your house with a stoker coal stove?

A stoker coal stove connects to your home thermostat. You can, therefore, easily control the temperature in your home.


What is an advantage of a stoker coal stove over a batch coal stove?

A stoker coal stove automatically adds coal when needed. This type of coal stove, therefore, can maintain a constant temperature.


What is a disadvantage of a stoker coal stove over a batch coal stove?

A stoker coal stove needs an electrical source. One of the benefits of a batch coal stove is that it can continue to heat your home even if the power goes out.


When will Americans likely use up their entire coal resource?

Coal is not a renewable resource. At the rate that the United States is currently using coal, it is expected that their coal resource will be depleted within 250 years.


Who can install a coal stove?

Installing a coal stove is not an easy thing to do. If your stove is installed improperly, you can end up with a house fire or carbon monoxide in your home. Leave this job for a professional coal stove installer.


What safety precautions should you take if you have a coal stove?

It's essential for the safety of your home to install both a carbon monoxide detector and a smoke detector close to your coal stove. You should also have a fire extinguisher close by.


What dangerous emission can be produced from burning coal?

Sulfur dioxide is a dangerous emission produced from burning bituminous coal. This should not be a concern for you, as you should not be burning this type of coal inside your home.


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