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Think your local coffeehouse charges too much for a cup of joe? Take this quiz to learn about coffee and how to choose a coffee maker that has the features you want to make that perfect cup!

What type of coffee maker is the most popular?

Traditional drip coffee makers are an easy to use and affordable appliance for brewing coffee.


When was the first automatic drip coffee maker invented?

In 1972, the Mr. Coffee company introduced the first automatic drip coffee maker.


Which is the most common variety of coffee bean?

Arabica coffee beans represent about 70 percent of coffee grown around the world. Robusta coffee is also popular, and both beans produce a tasty cup of joe.


Coffee beans grow best in which climate conditions?

The ideal climate for growing coffee is the equatorial region of the world, which has abundant rain, warm temperatures and rich soil.


What is the ideal storage method for coffee?

Coffee experts caution against storing coffee in the freezer and refrigerator because their humid environments can deteriorate the coffee. Experts recommend buying only the amount of coffee you'll use in a week or two and keeping it in an airtight container away from light and heat.


What ultraconvenient coffee maker feature do sleepyheads depend on to get them out of bed in the morning?

A programmable timer makes it possible to brew coffee while you are still sleeping. Waking up to the smell of fresh coffee is a nice way to start the day!


What factor do coffee experts say makes the French press a superior method for brewing coffee?

The French press is preferred by coffee experts the world over because it allows for the most control over temperature and brewing time.


For a drip coffee maker, what is the ideal brewing time?

Drip coffee makers should take about five minutes to brew a pot; a French press's brew time should be about four minutes.


What is the optimal water temperature range for brewing coffee?

The perfect temperature range is 195-205 degrees F (91-96 degrees C). Water that is too cold can produce a flat, weak-tasting coffee, while water that is too hot can result in a bitter and burnt taste.


What part of a drip coffee maker heats the water?

An electric heating element with an aluminum tube heats the water. A more complex machine may regulate temperature better.


If you are prone to leaving the coffee maker on all day, what feature should you look for when shopping for one?

An automatic shutoff feature will keep you from worrying whether you left the coffee maker on and save you running back to the house to check.


What is the gurgling noise that coffee machines frequently make?

Rapidly boiling water releases lots of noisy bubbles.


What holds the water in a coffee maker?

The reservoir holds the water. A clean machine filled with good-quality water is important for brewing tasty coffee.


If your coffee maker has one, what is the main function of the sensor?

Sensors regulate the temperature of the coffee maker. When it gets too hot, the sensor turns the machine off and then back on again to maintain proper temperature.


Which fixture in a coffee maker is also found in the bathroom?

Some coffee makers have a little showerhead, which sprays boiling water over the grounds to brew the coffee.


Which company developed the glamorous Clover coffee maker?

The Seattle-based Coffee Equipment Company developed the Clover machine in 2005. Starbucks bought the company in 2008.


How many cups of coffee does a Clover coffee maker brew at once?

A Clover drip coffee maker brews one cup at a time. A standard drip machine can fill a pot in a few minutes.


How much does a fancy drip coffee machine like the Clover cost?

The Clover goes for $11,000. A standard drip coffee maker costs around $30.


What is a common criticism of inexpensive drip coffee makers?

Inexpensive drip coffee makers are unable to heat the water enough to extract full flavor from coffee grounds. You get what you pay for.


Why would you put vinegar in your coffee maker?

Tubes in the coffee maker get clogged with calcium from water. Brew a few cups of white vinegar, followed by two full batches of plain water, and your coffee machine will work like new.


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