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Stephen Colbert killed it for nine years as the pompous host of "The Colbert Report." Let's see how well you know your Colbert.

When did "The Colbert Report" first air?

The first episode aired on Oct. 7, 2005.


When did it end?

The last "The Colbert Report" aired on Dec. 18, 2014.


Stephen Colbert ended "The Colbert Report" to replace which late-night host?

Colbert replaced the retiring Letterman on "The Late Show."


In 2006 Colbert won an online contest to have his name put on a bridge in this country.

The Hungarian ambassador to the United States appeared on the show to announce that Colbert had won the contest. However, Hungarian law stated that he'd have to be a Hungarian citizen — and dead — to have his name on the bridge.


After hosting this event in 2006, Colbert said, "When it was over, no one was even making eye contact with me."

Colbert (in character) hosted the 2006 Correspondents' Dinner, by all accounts horrifying President Bush and his staff.


What was the longest running segment on "The Colbert Report"?

"The Word" was a sarcastic spin on Bill O'Reilly's "Talking Points Memo."


What was the name of "The Colbert Report" set?

"The Colbert Report" broadcast from the "Eagle's Nest."


Which show now tapes at the same studio?

Fellow former "The Daily Show" correspondent Larry Wilmore is in Colbert's old digs.


Which band performed "The Colbert Report" theme song?

The theme song is "Baby Mumbles" by Cheap Trick.


Which TV personality was Colbert's main inspiration for his character?

The Colbert character claimed to idolize Bill O'Reilly.


What is his nickname for O'Reilly?

Colbert loved to call O'Reilly "Papa Bear."


Colbert coined this term in the first episode, and Merriam-Webster named it word of the year in 2006.

Truthiness is "truth that comes from the gut, not books."


Who was Colbert's first guest?

Stone Phillips was another of Colbert's character inspirations.


Colbert staged a rally with this former presidential candidate in 2012.

Herman Cain and Colbert held the stage at the mock rally in Charleston, South Carolina.


Colbert has said that this contest was the craziest "The Colbert Report" moment.

Colbert and The Decemberists had a guitar-solo contest to settle a feud, and Peter Frampton stepped in when Colbert claimed to have cut his hand.


What was written on the bracelets that Colbert introduced on the show in 2007?

Colbert started the "wriststrong" movement after suffering a … wait for it … wrist injury.


In 2008 Colbert started bashing towns of this name.

For no known reason, Colbert suddenly had a problem with towns named "Canton."


Colbert completed Army basic training exercises in 2009, despite claiming to suffer from this condition.

Colbert didn't let his medically diagnosed cowardice interfere with his brief stint in the Army.


Who ordered Colbert's head to be shaved?

During a USO broadcast from Iraq, President Obama ordered Gen. Ray Odierno to shave Colbert's head.


In 2010 Colbert (in character) testified before a judiciary subcommittee on this issue.

Colbert testified in a hearing on immigration reform.


This children's author was the only guest to get Colbert to break character.

Upon Sendak's death in 2012, Colbert broadcast a touching interview he did with the author.


This band canceled on Colbert in 2013, so he made his own video of their hit song.

Colbert made a celebrity-filled lip synch video to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky."


"The Colbert Report" won a Peabody Award for its reporting on this subject.

The show won the award for its series on the super PAC system.


What was the name of the show's super PAC?

"Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow" brought in more than a million dollars from viewers, most of which was donated to charity.


Things that offended or angered Colbert were put on the "On Notice" board. What was the next board for those who failed to get back into his good graces?

The "Dead to Me" board was the final punishment.


Which of these items ended up on the "Dead to Me" board?

Colbert could not forgive the Raptors for being Canadian but playing in the NBA.


These animals were frequently on Colbert's "Threat Down" board, which named the five greatest threats to America every week.

Colbert considered bears — especially the robot variety — to be a major danger.


In 2010 Colbert joined forces with Jon Stewart on the National Mall in Washington. Stewart led the Rally to Restore Sanity. What was the name of Colbert's event?

The combined event was dubbed the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.


Nancy Pelosi warned freshmen Congress members to avoid appearing on this "The Colbert Report" segment.

Many a congressman and woman were embarrassed on "Better Know Your District."


Colbert made a push to get on the ballot for the 2008 Democratic primary in this state.

Colbert announced his candidacy but failed to get his name on the ballot in his home state of South Carolina.


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