Quiz: Money Matters: Collective Bargaining Quiz
Money Matters: Collective Bargaining Quiz
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The relationship between management and labor in America has always been contentious -- and sometimes deadly. Test your knowledge of the nation's labor laws and the collective bargaining process.

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When did Congress pass the National Labor Relations Act?
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The NLRA also established which of the following Federal agencies?
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In 1950, there were 424 strikes involving 1,000 people or more in America. How many were there in 2009?
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The NLRA estalbished the collective bargaining rights of private workers. When were those rights extended to federal employees?
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Which of the following workers does NOT have the right to bargain collectively under the NLRA?
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True or false: A worker must join a union to bargain collectively with management.
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True or false: The NLRA requires the two sides of a labor dispute to resolve the issue through collective bargaining.
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What is the standard length of a collective bargaining agreement?
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If either the union or management want to modify a collective bargaining agreement when it expires, who must they notify?
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True or false: A collective bargaining agreement can make it illegal for workers to strike during the life of the contract.
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According to the NLRA, if workers vote by a majority to join a union, is management required to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with union representatives?
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What is the term for a business that employs both union and non-union workers?
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Do the terms of employment in a collective bargaining agreement also cover non-union workers in an open shop?
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Which of the following is NOT considered a mandatory subject that must be covered in a collective bargaining agreement?
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Which professional sport holds the title for the longest work stoppage in American sports history?
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