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The relationship between management and labor in America has always been contentious -- and sometimes deadly. Test your knowledge of the nation's labor laws and the collective bargaining process.

What does the acronym NLRA stand for?

The National Labor Relations Act legally established the rights and obligation of workers and management to bargain for fair wages and working conditions.


When did Congress pass the National Labor Relations Act?

The NLRA was part of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal legislation during the Great Depression.


The NLRA also established which of the following Federal agencies?

The responsibility of the board, which is appointed by the president, is to enforce the NLRA and investigate accusations of unfair labor practices.


In 1950, there were 424 strikes involving 1,000 people or more in America. How many were there in 2009?

The frequency of strikes has dwindled since 1981, when President Reagan intervened in the air traffic controllers strike. In 2009 there were just 5.


The NLRA estalbished the collective bargaining rights of private workers. When were those rights extended to federal employees?

President Kennedy extended collective bargaining rights to federal employees through an executive order.


Which of the following workers does NOT have the right to bargain collectively under the NLRA?

Anyone with the power to hire or fire other employees is considered management and cannot bargain collectively.


True or false: A worker must join a union to bargain collectively with management.

Any group of workers with an elected representative has the right to bargain collectively.


True or false: The NLRA requires the two sides of a labor dispute to resolve the issue through collective bargaining.

The two sides are only required to bargain "in good faith." Unresolved disputes are often send to further arbitration or the courts.


Which of the following is NOT an example of bargaining "in good faith?"

A strike during an active contract is only legal if management is being accused of unfair labor practices.


Who are the three parties that must attend a collective bargaining negotiation?

Representatives of the workers or their union negotiate with a company representative in the presence of a private or government arbitrator.


What is the standard length of a collective bargaining agreement?

Collective bargaining agreements almost always have an expiration date of three years, after which they can be extended or renegotiated.


If either the union or management want to modify a collective bargaining agreement when it expires, who must they notify?

Within 60 days of expiration, either party must file a notice with the FMCS so an arbitrator can initiate the negotiation process.


Which of the following is an example of an unfair labor practice under the NLRA?

It is illegal to fire, demote or other intimidate a worker for joining a union.


Does a single collective bargaining agreement cover all unionized workers at a company?

If a company employs workers from several different unions, each one needs to have its own collective bargaining agreement.


True or false: A collective bargaining agreement can make it illegal for workers to strike during the life of the contract.

A "no-strike/lockout" clause is common in collective bargaining agreements.


According to the NLRA, if workers vote by a majority to join a union, is management required to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with union representatives?

Union elections are run by the NLRB. If a majority of workers choose to join a union, management must sit down at the bargaining table.


What is the term for a business that employs both union and non-union workers?

An open shop does not require workers (even those holding the same job title) to join a union.


Do the terms of employment in a collective bargaining agreement also cover non-union workers in an open shop?

Yes, which is why even non-union workers are often required to pay a "service fee" to the union in lieu of dues.


Which of the following is NOT considered a mandatory subject that must be covered in a collective bargaining agreement?

Only the hiring and promotion of workers outside of management ranks is considered a mandatory a subject.


Which professional sport holds the title for the longest work stoppage in American sports history?

Failure to sign a collective bargaining agreement in 2004 led to a lockout by players in the National Hockey League that lasted 310 days, completely canceling the season.


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