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After Southern states seceded and sparked the Civil War, they took up arms to defend their claims to sovereignty. How much do know about the Confederate Army?

In comparison to the Union Army, what was the strength of the Confederate Army?

From the outset, the Confederates had the odds stacked against them.


How many men served in the regular Confederate Army (instead of the provisional army)?

The vast majority were part of the volunteer army authorized by the Confederate Congress.


In what year did the Confederate States Army resort to a draft?

The Union Army was forced to adopt conscription that year, too.


Which battle resulted in the second-highest number of casualties in the war?

The Confederates won, but at the cost of three generals and thousands of men.


About how many men served in the Confederate Army during the war?

That estimate is on the high side but official records are hard to find.


About how many Confederate soldiers were probably killed due to combat?

Lost and destroyed records, however, make it impossible to know the exact count.


How likely was a Confederate general to die during battle compared to a lowly enlisted man?

Southern officers tended to lead men into battle, meaning they were often the first to fall.


What position did Leroy P. Walker hold in the Confederate Army?

Walker had no military training, which may have been a drawback for the Southern states.


How many men served as Secretary of War for the Confederacy?

The turnover spoke to the difficulties and stress of fighting a losing war.


Once conscription started, what was required of volunteer soldiers who were already serving in the Confederate Army?

It's safe to assume that many volunteers felt betrayed by this decision.


About how many Confederate soldiers died from sickness or in prison camps?

Compared to combat casualties, perhaps twice as many died from illness and awful camp conditions.


How many U.S. Army officers resigned from their posts to go and serve in the Confederacy at the start of the war?

That was more than 300 officers, a fact that gave the South critical leadership throughout the conflict.


How did the Confederate Army obtain enough horses for its war efforts?

The Confederates were short on horses from the very beginning of the war.


About how many Confederate soldiers deserted during the span of the conflict?

The deserters fared better than the men who died for a lost cause.


At the outset of the war, what was the strategy of the Southern forces?

The strategy was to play defense and force the North to take the offensive.


About how much did a Confederate Army private make in one month?

The pay rate wasn't enough to offset the misery they endured.


Why did the Confederate Army turn away volunteers at the start of the war?

It simply didn't have enough gear to outfit so many men.


How many volunteer soldiers did the Confederates fail to deploy because of equipment shortages at the beginning of the war?

Those men would have gone a long way towards leveling the playing field against the Union.


Why did the Confederates often wear captured Union uniforms?

Confederate soldiers wore just about anything they could find.


In 1864, Jefferson Davis publicly announced that what percentage of Confederate soldiers were AWOL (away without leave)?

By 1864, most soldiers had a bad feeling about the way things were going for the South.


Per capita, which Southern state provided the most soldiers to the Confederate Army?

No matter where they were from, many soldiers eventually ditched the army and left for home.


You could acquire an exemption from the draft if you owned how many slaves?

Feelings of resentment were common among poorer whites who had no access to such exemptions.


What was Josiah Gorgas' primary role in the Confederate Army?

He excelled as chief of ordnance, expertly coordinating material transport and helping to boost the Confederacy's fighting ability.


When did the Confederacy finally allow blacks to serve in the army?

But by then, it was done in desperation and it was too late to stop the Union from winning.


Each subgroup in the Confederate Army was named after what?

It's why so many units are named after Southern states.


In spite of effective Union blockades, how many rifles did the Confederates manage to import?

They also managed to bring in medicine, gunpowder and many other essentials.


How many men were conscripted into the Confederate Army?

The Confederate Conscription Act was the first draft in American history, followed shortly by the one authorized in the North.


Why did most draft-eligible Southern men wind up volunteering instead of waiting for the draft?

The social stigma of being drafted was harsh, so many preferred taking their destinies into their own hands.


The first Confederate draft required the registration of all able-bodied men between which ages?

The second draft was extended to the ages of 17 and 50 but it did little to turn Southern war prospects.


How many men did the Confederate Army lose at Gettysburg and Vicksburg?

They also lost tens of thousands of weapons; these battles were the beginning of the end of the war.


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