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Take our conspiracy quiz to see how much you know about some of history's most mind-blowing examples of trickery, schemes and subterfuge.

How many people still believe NASA faked the moon landing, according to a 1999 Gallup poll?

A full 30 years after Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, 6 percent of Americans still believed it was all a sham.


What can you (allegedly) find if you manage to gain access to the mysterious Area 51?

According to legend, an alien vessel crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. The ship and the life forms contained within were quickly whisked away for study inside the elusive Area 51.


What percentage of Americans believe that Kennedy was killed by more than one shooter?

A 2013 Gallup poll found that just 30 percent of Americans believe that Oswald acted alone. A whopping 61 percent claim the assassination was some form of conspiracy involving more than one shooter.


Celebs like Jay-Z and Lady Gaga supposedly are controlled by members of this all-powerful organization.

Conspiracy fans agree that some of the biggest stars on the planet are clearly Illuminati slaves. While they're unable to escape, the stars send clues via subliminal messages in their lyrics and symbolism in their merchandise.


Which Beatle supposedly died in 1966, spurring a massive cover up?

His lack of footwear on the cover of Abby Road was a sure sign that Paul had died, only to be replaced by an equally-talented doppelganger.


Which major U.S. airport reportedly conceals a mysterious structure below its base?

Conspiracy theorists agree -- bizarre artwork and spooky symbolism prove that something strange lies hidden beneath Denver International Airport. Whether it's a fallout shelter, a concentration camp or the headquarters for a satanic cult remains to be seen.


The U.S. military ostensibly secreted the missing plane MH370 to this tiny island in the Indian Ocean.

Despite the fact that Diego Garcia measures only about 17 square miles, conspiracy theorists suggest that it's home to a secret base known as Camp Thunder Cove where the U.S. managed to conceal the missing MH370.


Some Holocaust revisionists blame this disease -- not gas chambers -- for the large number of deaths in concentration camps.

Some Holocaust deniers blame the deaths of roughly 6 million Jewish people on typhus, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.


What did the U.S. government supposedly do to the USS Eldridge in 1943?

As part of the Philadelphia Experiment, American scientists are alleged to have made the massive warship invisible before transporting it stealthily from Philadelphia to Norfolk.


What percentage of Americans claim to have spotted a UFO?

A full 36 percent of Americans believe in UFOs, and a staggering one in 10 claims to have spotted one.


Everyone from the Earl of Oxford to Sir Francis Bacon has been credited with writing the works of this man.

Despite the fact that Shakespeare was a well-known writer in his day, some claim that he wasn't actually responsible for works like "Hamlet" or "Romeo and Juliet."


A single, since-retracted 1998 study served as evidence of a conspiracy by Big Pharma related to this disease.

A 1998 study published in The Lancet pointed to a link between vaccines and autism. The study has since been retracted, and no other studies have been able to support this link. For the record, both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that's there no evidence that vaccines cause autism.


What percentage of scientists believe global warming is caused by humans?

While 97 percent of scientists believe that global warming is both happening and caused by humans, only about half of the general population agrees that global warming -- IF it's happening -- is a result of human activities.


Conspiracy fans point to this tragic event as potential proof that AIDS is actually a bioweapon created by the government or Big Pharma.

In the Tuskegee Experiment, researchers unscrupulously experimented on African-American men with syphilis. While it has no relation to AIDS, conspiracy fans suggest it proves that the government supports shady practices when it comes to major diseases.


In 1998, former BBC sports reporter David Icke alleged that major world leaders were actually these creatures in disguise.

Icke alleged that many well-known leaders, including Queen Elizabeth and Bill Clinton, were actually giant lizards in disguise.


How many Americans believe that the government has concealed information about UFOs?

Four out of five Americans believe that the government has information about UFOs that it keeps from the public. More than 75 percent of people surveyed agree that aliens have visited us here on Earth.


How many people in the U.S. believe global warming is actually happening?

Just 44 percent of people agree that global warming is actually occurring as of 2014 -- that's just 5 percentage points more than 2011.


Which president dared utter the phrase, "a new world order," leading to a spike in tin foil sales across the country.

In a speech before Congress in 1991, Bush provided fuel for the conspiracy fires when he spoke of a "new world order," which many on the fringes considered proof that a one-world government was surely on the way.


Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez claimed the U.S. caused the 2011 earthquake in Haiti.

Chavez claimed that the U.S. relied on its earthquake machine to not only generate the deadly Haitian quake, but also set off similar quakes in California and China.


A full 40 years after the fact, 3 percent of Americans believe that this person killed JFK.

Clearly, Johnson was ready to do just about ANYTHING to take the presidency. At least he's in good company. Another 3 percent blamed the assassination on the KKK, and yet another 3 percent blamed Communists.


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