Which Continent Will You Control First in Your Quest for World Domination?

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The world is a messy place, full of powerful morons, influential idiots and just a general rabble of people unqualified to run things. You could do their jobs so much better than them! Do you know what you should do? You should conquer the whole world so you can run everything! Then things will be perfect!

But where to start? Conquering the whole world requires the greatest war strategy ever devised, and a big part of that strategy will be around what you want to preserve, what you want to cultivate and what you think are the most important things. If you plan on taking the world by force, then the first places you conquer may be destroyed, along with their museums, universities, etc. If you plan to begin your conquest with soft power, that place may be the only place that is preserved. Either way, you have to take a long look at your endgame in order to work your way back to square one.

We are eager to have our place in history beside your name, so we will counsel you on where to begin your epic conquest of the planet. Just take our brief quiz and we will tell you where your bloody, real-life game of Risk will begin!

What form of government do you plan on instituting as part of your reign?

With what sort of people would you share power?

Who would you pick as your majordomo?

Who would you choose to oversee the world's economy?

What would you ban, with your global lawmaking authority?

What right would you enshrine in law for all people?

How would you style yourself, as global ruler?

What colors would represent your new regime?

Since there would be no more nations left except for yours, what would you do about The Olympics?

How would you handle the free press?

How would you treat art and artists in your utopia?

What learning do you feel most needs to be preserved to keep the status quo?

What art most needs to be preserved to keep the status quo?

What industry would your world put the most energy into revamping and improving?

How would you handle dissidents?

How exposed to the public would you be?

What would you call your new currency?

What nation do you believe would most stand in your way?

What is the most powerful weapon you would be willing to use in your global conquest?

What would be the national language of your empire?

Where would you want your capital city to be located?

What would be your policy on climate change?

What would be your policy on space exploration?

What would be your policy on education?

What would your policy be on religious freedom?

What would be your trade policy?

What would you do about all the secrets of all the world's former governments, like Area 51?

What pet project would you undertake as the world's leader?

Which great empire do you most admire?

What country's history do you most admire?

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