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You've decided to take a trip, but you don't want to eat cold cuts, and you certainly don't want to eat fast food. Why not try cooking as you drive? It might sound crazy, but the fact is you can cook on your car engine as you travel! Take our quiz to learn about how you can turn your car into a moving barbeque.

What should you do to find the hot spots on your engine?

Rather than burn your fingers poking around a hot engine, drizzle some water on various parts of the engine and see what happens. Where the water sizzles is where the engine is hot enough for cooking.


Which of these is a good place on the engine to cook your food?

The exhaust manifold gets quite hot, and doesn't really wiggle very much; it should be your first choice.


It will take about an hour to cook chicken if you drive at what speed?

Driving at 65 miles per hour (105 kph), you will need to travel 60 miles -- just under an hour -- to get your chicken ready.


How many miles of driving does it take to cook sliced potatoes?

Your potato slices should be ready after 55 miles, so you might as well throw on some chicken as well.


After how many miles will shrimp usually be ready to eat?

For quick trips shrimp is the way to go; it only takes 30 miles to prepare.


What is the purpose of the foil test?

Use the foil test to make sure you're placing your food where it won't slide around.


How tall should the foil ball for the test be?

Shape some foil into a cone or ball that is about eight inches (20 cm) tall, and see how much it gets crushed when you shut the hood of your car. This will tell you whether you've picked a good spot.


What should you use to secure the food you're cooking?

If you're worried about the food you're cooking moving around, secure it with a lightweight wire.


What is the risk when securing food packages under engine hoses?

When you push something under an engine hose, you can easily loosen the hose. If the hose comes loose while you're driving, it could spell big trouble.


How dangerous is it to cook on an engine?

As long as you're careful, you can cook on an engine without any risk.


You must avoid placing your food on which of these?

Under no circumstances should you place the food you're cooking on the contact point of the fuel injector and the gas pedal. This can lead to major complications, such as a car that won't start.


Cars that don't have fuel injectors have which of these instead?

Even if your car is too old to have a fuel injector, you still need to avoid the area near the carburetor.


When placing food on an engine you must make sure to be careful about which of these?

Always be careful not to place what you're cooking near any moving parts. If things get caught in the works, it could make a serious mess, or worse.


How hot does a dashboard get in 90-degree weather?

If it's 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32C) outside, the dashboard of your car might get up to 200 degrees (93C) -- perfect for baking!


While cooking on your engine may be safe, it could do which of these?

Don't be surprised if the food you cook comes out tasting a little strange. After all, you are cooking it on an engine block.


Why is it a bad idea to cook stew on your engine?

No matter how good the driver, engines vibrate, which leads to spills, which leads to smoke. Avoid the smoke by roasting foods rather than stewing them.


What sort of cooking liquid is likely to start a fire?

Not only will some liquids cause smoke, the fattier ones will catch fire.


What are the best kinds of foods to cook on the engine?

If you want to cook on the engine, stick to foods that can be easily roasted, such as beef and potatoes.


Which of these is an example of the kind of food you should cook on an engine?

Examples of foods that roast easily are chicken, beef, and potatoes.


Before placing food on your car's engine, you should follow which of these safety tips?

Never open the hood of your car while the car is on. Even if you need to turn the car on to heat up the engine, turn it off before opening the hood.


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