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If you are crazy about gadgetry, technical sophistication and hi-tech tools, this is the quiz for you. These 10 tools are about the best tool inventions of the last few decades, barring none. Check out these 10 Wonders of the Tool World by taking this quiz.

Which printer is slower, the 2-D or the 3-D?

Actually, the 3-D printer is slower than the 2-D, partly due to the layers it produces.


With one method of 3-D printing, liquid binder is placed over fine powder in layers. What is used to strengthen it after printing?

A sealant is coated over the printed item in order to strengthen it.


When was computer-aided design (CAD) first introduced?

It was pioneered in the early 1960s, but it took a full decade to appear commercially.


How does the MAKO Tactile Guidance System help in the field of medicine?

The MAKO Tactile Guidance System is like a robotic arm that helps during delicate surgery. Surgeons are able to do a more precise job and perform less invasive procedures.


What does the multimeter measure?

The multimeter measures a wide range of electrical values, such as volts, ohms, frequency, amps, etc.


How can the multimeter be useful in industrial conditions?

The multimeter can help troubleshoot problems in hazardous factory environments or industrial plants.


What is the biggest accomplishment of the oscilloscope?

The oscilloscope is able to display a wave pattern of an electrical signal visually on a screen.


What would it cost to purchase a top-of-the-range oscilloscope?

The top models go for around $100,000, although there are many others that are much cheaper.


Which of these are functions of the laser engraver?

The laser engraver cuts, etches, engraves, drills and performs all manner of modeling techniques.


What computer operating systems does the VersaLASER VLS3.50 require?

The VersaLASER VLS3.50 runs on its own computer using either Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems.


A computer numerical control (CNC) machine does a variety of tasks. In order to cut complex shapes, it needs:

It needs multiple axes. The more axes it has, the more precise and complex a task it can perform.


How fast can the Tormach PCNC 1100 Mill spindle rotate?

The super-fast Tormach PCNC 1100 Mill can rotate between 100 and 5,000 RPM.


What is one of the benefits of using a PS-900 Soldering Station?

The PS-900 Soldering Station offers very steady heat throughout the soldering process.


What is "cold" about the cold saw?

The cold saw is a special type of circular saw that uses a coolant during the sawing or cutting process.


How do you operate the Kalamazoo FHC350D cold saw?

The cast iron Kalamazoo FHC350D cold saw is operated manually.


Metal inert gas (MIG) welding sometimes uses semi-inert gases, such as:

Carbon dioxide would be an example of a semi-inert gas sometimes used with MIGs.


What special function does the Millermatic welder offer?

Certain settings and functions of the Millermatic can be preset. This saves time.


With MIG welding, how does the feeding wire melt?

It melts as it is energized with electricity.


How does the Sidewinder forklift solve the common problem of lack of maneuverability?

The Sidewinder has specially designed wheels that allow it to travel in any direction comfortably.


The one who invented the special wheel design of the Sidewinder was a man from:

He hailed from Sweden and his name was Bengt Ilon. He actually invented it way back in the 1970s.


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