Could You Be a Firefighter?

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Being a firefighter is no easy feat - it requires risking your life in pursuit of saving others. Do you think you have what it takes to face fiery death and live? Play on to find out!

Do you know how to operate a fire extinguisher?

Can you work under low visibility conditions?

How old are you?

Have you ever accidentally burned yourself?

What color uniform would look best on you?

What most interests you about being a firefighter?

How many flights of stairs can you climb before you're completely out-of-breath?

Do you think you could lift up to 100 lbs with 50 lbs of equipment already weighing you down?

Are you afraid of heights?

Have you ever climbed a 3-story ladder?

Have you ever driven a large box truck?

When you see a vertical, cylindrical metal pole sticking out of the ground, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Are you good at staying hydrated?

Do you sweat a lot?

How responsible are you?

Would you be willing to trust your fellow firefighters with your life?

Would you be willing to risk your life attempting to save someone else's?

How do you perform when under stress?

Have you ever used an ax?

Are you squeamish?

Do you think you could administer emergency medical treatments in the field?

How are you when it comes to talking to random strangers who are much different from you?

How quick can you get dressed for the snow storm of the century?

Do you know how to move with a sense of urgency?

Are you patient?

How are your hose management skills?

Are you organized?

Is punctuality important to you?

Have you ever helped a cat out of a tree?

Do you think you could bust open a door or wall?

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