Could You Be a Forensic Examiner?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

We all love shows like "Bones," "Cold Case Files," "CSI," "and Law & Order" (dun-DUN!). Do you have what it takes to emulate the heroes of these shows and make it in the world of forensics?

Are you afraid of death?

Are you squeamish?

Do you channel your inner Sherlock?

Are you observant?

How much do you like money?

Do you like to study?

Do you want to be the good guy?

Do you mind long hours?

Do you mind unpredictable hours?

Do you mind no one understanding your job?

Do you care about your social life?

How level-headed are you?

Are you afraid of bad neighborhoods?

Do you believe in justice?

Do you secretly feel like you'd have been a good mad scientist?

Are you a night owl?

Do you love a mystery?

Did you read Nancy Drew growing up?

Were you always the smart kid in your school?

Do you know how to dust for prints?

How reliable is DNA evidence?

Do you always carry a baggie and a pair of rubber gloves?

Do you like sifting through huge piles of documents?

How good at making connections between disparate pieces of info are you?

Are you easily bored?

Can you get into the mind of a killer?

Do you like job stability?

Is it important to you to be in a growth industry?

Are you very dogged?

Are you OK with not always having all the answers?

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