Could You Be a Nun?

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Every Catholic in the world knows what a nun is, what they do and how they serve. Now the question in some of our minds is, could we actually be a good fit for the nunnery? Maybe this personality quiz will help you assess yourself, to see if you have what it truly, deeply and honestly takes.

We all know that to be of service to fellow humans is a huge enough duty for one person to bear. But if we get trained collectively, then get assigned to help people who desperately need help, then we could actually have a chance to do something good in this sometimes crazy world. 

But why be a nun? It's the same question that men of cloth receive before taking their vows in front of the Lord: why be a priest? These questions need not be asked of someone who wants to dedicate his or her life to be of service to the world, their country or even their community. No matter who a nun or priest helps, the fact that they are there to help is big enough of a responsibility - and we should all thank them for their service.

Do you want to test if you have what it takes, then, to be a nun? Try this personality quiz, and maybe it could give you a clue about your life. Have faith!

Do you pray a lot, and not just before sleeping?

Do you know who the current pope is?

Do you believe in God?

Do you feel like helping people in need?

Do you think you could be good at teaching?

Do you believe nuns should know how to sing in a choir, like in the film "Sister Act"?

Can you stay in a rural place that’s far from the city, with very minimal provisions of living?

Do you like taking care of people, especially the sick and downtrodden?

Are you okay with not wearing the latest fashion trends in clothing?

Do you like visiting and staying inside very old churches and places of worship?

Are you Roman Catholic?

Do you like being nice to a lot of people, at any given time?

Are you okay with having your head and hair covered at all times?

Do you like children?

Would you like to volunteer to help people in disaster-stricken areas, such as those affected by a hurricane or storm?

Can you talk to different kinds of people, in terms of age?

Do you work well with people of different social backgrounds?

Do you believe in Mother Mary, the Virgin Mother of Jesus?

Can you quietly sit in a room, all by your lonesome, without tinkering with any gadget of any kind?

Are you familiar with the Beatitudes?

Are you okay to travel in a poor or disadvantaged community?

Can you forego consuming the usual three square meals you eat on a daily basis?

Do you like going inside hospitals?

Can you forgive people easily, especially those who have hurt you?

Do you feel threatened by convicts in prisons, or criminals?

Do you know how to pray the Rosary?

Do you believe that LGBT people are an “abomination” like some religious preachers say?

Are you familiar with Mother Teresa’s work?

Do you know the two Testaments of The Bible?

Do you think other religions have nuns, too?

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