Could You Be a Programmer?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

With computers coming for all of our jobs, the wise worker knows that if you can't beat them, you should join them. Do you have what it takes to work in this lucrative industry as a programmer? Find out with this quiz!

Are you a people person?

How nerdy are you, on a scale of 1-10?

How many real world languages do you speak?

How many computer languages do you speak?

How are you with numbers?

Can you stand being the only woman/minority in a room that's pretty hostile to you?

Do you mind long hours?

Do you believe in jobs for life?

Do you fear that you will one day be put out of work by artificial intelligence?

Do you love systems?

Do you understand binary?

Do you play video games?

How many times have you seen the original "Star Wars?"

How many episodes of "Star Trek" have you seen?

How many walls in your house have nerd memorabilia on them?

Do you like to dress up nicely?

Have you ever been to Comic Con?

Do you like horror movies?

Do you read books for fun?

Were you popular at school?

Do you have an almost completely unjustified persecution complex?

Do you want to change jobs constantly?

Are you willing to move for work?

Do you think algorithms are unbiased?

Which company do you think is well-run?

What is the Antikythera Device?

What is history to you?

Do you know who Roberta Williams is?

Ever heard of Ada Lovelace?

Who is the forebear of sci-fi as a genre?

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