Could You Be an NFL Referee?

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Let's see if you can stay calm under intense pressure and whether you have an excellent memory and the vision of a hawk. If you do, perhaps you were meant to wear the zebra stripes.

What is the penalty for offensive holding?

How would you rate your vision?

A head coach is yelling loudly at you, how do you handle it?

Where is the ball spotted when it is kicked through the back of the end zone on the kickoff?

Could you stay impartial, even if you were a referee for a game that included your favorite team?

How muscular are you in your upper body?

What is the penalty for intentional grounding?

Is it a penalty if a defender leaps, but doesn't cross the line of scrimmage, on a field goal attempt?

What would you do if a player purposely pushed you on the field?

Honestly, how often do you get the call right on a close and controversial replay?

Which of the following is considered a defenseless player?

A defender misses the ball, hitting the punter's kicking foot. Is this roughing or running into the kicker?

A player grabs the face mask of another player, but immediately lets go. Is this a penalty?

How much time is on the NFL play clock?

What is encroachment and what is the penalty?

How long is a regular season overtime period in the NFL?

How affected would you be by a crowd booing at you personally?

How much experience do you have at being a referee?

A defensive pass interference penalty is called on a 3rd down play in the end zone. Where is the new spot and down?

Are players allowed to celebrate after a touchdown?

What is the penalty for delay of game?

How many feet must be down before going out of bounds for it to be a catch in the NFL?

An offensive player moves abruptly before the snap of the ball. What is this called?

Where does the head referee go to look at reviews?

Is there a penalty if a player signals for a fair catch, catches the ball, and then takes off running down the field?

A team is on their own 12-yard line, and they get a 15-yard penalty. Where should the ball be placed?

What is a chop block?

A player grabs a runner's jersey above the nameplate from behind and brings them down. What is the call?

What is the line of scrimmage for an extra-point in the NFL?

What was the first question of this quiz?

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