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This quiz will involve various aspects of cosmetology, including but not limited to: makeup, skincare, nails, hair styles and hair dyes. If you want your beauty license, you'll have to know almost everything there is to know about the world of beauty!

This quiz will look at aspects of hair cuts, hair styles, hair treatments and hair colors. Specifically, we'll ask you questions about hair developers, types of highlights and types of dyes. There are many types of hair dyes that may be used to color correct specific parts of your hair or as an all-over color. It's also important to note that dying your hair too much may result in damaged, weak, dry and brittle hair.

We hope you know a thing or two about nails as well, because this quiz will ask you questions about nail agents, nail files and types of nail designs.

The world of beauty also extends to makeup and skincare. For example, there are many types of foundations, tinted moisturizers and concealers to choose from, depending on your coverage needs. It's important to consider your skin type and the climate you live in as well.

If you think you have what it takes to obtain your beauty license, try and ace this beauty quiz now to see how much you really know!

Which of these is NOT a type of hair color?

A "crown" is not a type of hair color; it actually refers to the back of your head, on the upper half of it. Many types of hairstyles utilize the crown of the head.


How much deposit does demi-permanent color contain?

You won't find any ammonia or deposits in demi-permanent hair color. This type of color also works great on natural hair, as it may help to highlight its colors.


What does "10 volume" refer to?

Hair developer and hair color are mixed together to add color to someone's hair. There are several different types of hair developers, which range from 10 volume, to 40 volume. A 10 volume developer would be used when adding a color or tint that has the same level of lightness as the hair.


How many shades of hair color will 40 volume enhance?

40 volume is a very strong type of hair developer that can change your hair color by up to four shades. It's also best used for those with blonde hair.


Which of these highlights focuses on the bottom half of the hair and not the roots?

Ombré highlights means that your roots are left alone, with gradual transition into a different color towards the bottom of your hair. Dark hair at the top and blonde hair at the bottom is usually a popular choice, but if you're feeling bold, a whole rainbow of colors can be used.


Which of these styles involves multiple elastics throughout a ponytail to create a "bubble" effect?

Bubble ponytails work best on long hair and are popular for the "bubble" effect that they create. This is achieved by using multiple elastics down the length of the ponytail.


The _______ of the hair refers to its volume.

If a stylist is talking about "flat hair" and "volumized hair," they're referring to the body of the hair. To add more body, a blow dryer and mousse are typically used.


Which of these techniques can be used to remove excess weight from hair?

Undercutting is a technique that is used to remove excess weight from the hair. Typically, the hair is shaved or cut shorter around the bottom and back of the skull and left longer on top.


Lightening the hair before enhancing it with a different color is called a...?

A double process is the act of lightening the hair before enhancing it with a different color. In a single process, the color is applied directly to the hair. A double process has two steps: first the hair is bleached, and then the new tone or color is applied. This is usually done when dying the hair to a lighter shade.


A bob haircut that is long in length is called a...?

A lob is a bob haircut that is a bit longer in length. The ends of the hair go to the shoulders or a bit longer. A lob is flattering on all types of hair and can be a good option if you're stuck between wanting to go for a shorter or longer style.


Which of these techniques is used to texturize the ends of the hair?

Point cutting is a type of hair cutting technique that involves making the ends of the hair more textured. The scissors are held vertically to the hair instead of cutting horizontally across the hair.


Where does hair grow from?

Hair grows from follicles. The follicles are underneath the skin surface and are surrounded by sebum and the sebaceous glands.


What is an activator used for?

An activator is used in the bleaching process to make it go by faster. This will not cause any damage to the hair either.


What is an alkaline perm?

An alkaline perm is a stronger perming method that's good for coarse, thick hair. It involves making the curls of the hair more tightly woven. This adds a "bouncy" effect, as well as more volume.


What does the "weight line" of the hair refer to?

The weight line of the hair refers to the portion of the hair that is the heaviest in weight. Hair stylists will often reduce the weight line if there is too much bulk.


Liquid monomer and powdered polymer are used to make...?

Acrylic nails are glued over real nails to create an elongated effect. These are made with a combination of liquid monomer and powdered polymer. The chemicals in these two materials react with each other to create the acrylic.


What is a French manicure?

A French manicure is when the tip of the nail is painted white. The nail bed is then offset with a light beige or pinkish color or clear coating. In contrast, an American manicure has a softer and more neutral look, without the bold white tip.


Which of these numerical ranges is used to describe a nail file that is coarse in texture?

If a nail file is coarse or gritty in texture, its numerical range is between 80-100. The higher the range, the softer the nail file is. A coarse file is best to use on acrylic nails.


Nail art is created by using a ________ tool.

Stencils are used to create nail art, as they come in various shapes and designs. The designs can either be painted on using a nail brush or by using an airbrushing tool.


What is it called when the coat of a nail polish hardens?

A curing agent is used during the process of curing to help harden the coat of a nail polish. This is often used for gel nails. Curing the nail coat will help it last longer.


When nail polish dries, the top of the nail is smooth in texture. Which of these products allows this to happen?

A film former is responsible for creating the smooth texture on a nail bed. These agents are also a type of polymer, which has hydrophilic aspects to it - meaning it mixes well with water.


Which of the following is used to slough off dead skin cells?

A chemical peel is used to chemically slough off dead skin cells. This is used to enhance the overall texture of the skin.


An overly darkened area of the skin is known as _______________.

An overly darkened area of the skin is referred to as hyperpigmentation. This occurs when a large amount of melanin is produced.


What does SPF stand for?

SPF stands for "sun protection factor." SPF in certain products may range between 20 and 100, with SPF 100 blocking out 99% of UV rays. Too much exposure to UV rays will cause the skin to age faster.


If a product is noncomedogenic, what does that mean?

If a product is noncomedogenic, that means that it won't block the pores of your skin. This is especially great for people with oily, combination and acne-prone skin.


Which of these is NOT a skin type?

"Excessive" is not a skin type, but normal, combination and oily are. Other skin types include dry, aging and acne-prone.


Wrinkles can be reduced with the help of...?

Alpha hydroxy acids are found in a variety of other acids that help to fight wrinkles. Some of these include lactic acid and citric acid. They work by exfoliating the top layers of the skin, which creates a smoother appearance.


"Persian waxing" is also known as...?

Sugar waxing is also called Persian waxing, and is created with sugar and other pantry ingredients. The wax is applied warm, and peeled off when it has been cooled.


Which of these brushes is used for contouring?

As its name implies, a contour brush is used to define and enhance the face's structure by applying product that's a couple shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Contouring goes hand in hand with highlighting, which adds a "dewy" look.


You can fill in your brows by using a...?

A brow pencil is used to fill in gaps on your eyebrows. Brows should first be groomed with a spoolie to smooth out any unruly hairs.


Which of the following is the correct order to use these products?

The correct order is as follows: eyelash curler, then primer, then mascara. Primer is used to prepare the eyelashes, thickening them and helping the mascara to last longer.


Powder foundation is best used for...?

Powder formula is best used in conjunction with oily skin because it absorbs powder better than other skin types. This is because powder foundation is dry in texture.


What is the tip of a beauty blender sponge used for?

The tip of a beauty blender sponge is used for hard-to-reach places, like the corners of your nose. The wider side is used for all-over foundation application.


What kind of finish does a mousse foundation provide?

Matte foundations should be used for oily skin to counteract the shiny appearance created by the oiliness. A mousse foundation is a great example of this. Mousse foundations also have a whipped and airy texture that go on smoothly.


What is strobing cream used for?

Like highlighter, strobing cream is used to give your skin a glowing look. The main difference is that highlighter is generally used on specific parts of your face (like your cheeks) while strobing cream can be used all over your face.


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