Could You Make It as a Farmer?

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There's nothing easy about being a farmer. Do you think you have what it takes to work long, grueling hours under the hot sun? Not many people do. Play on to find out!

Have you ever spent a full day laboring directly under the hot summer sun?

Do you own any brimmed hats?

Are you squeamish?

How are your hose management skills?

Can you lift up to 60 lbs without assistance?

Do you have any stamina?

How far do you think you could pitch a small rectangular bale of hay?

Do you enjoy working with animals?

Would outfit would you choose to wear for a day of farm work?

Are you okay with having a "farmer's tan?"

Have you ever flipped a compost pile?

Do you think you could work around the smell of animal feces?

Has anyone ever told you that you have a "green thumb?"

Have you ever sat in a sauna?

Do you have a background in biology, agriculture, or a similar field?

How would you deal with small pests, like prairie dogs or iguanas?

What would you want to farm?

Do you enjoy working with your hands?

How would you describe yourself?

Are you a team player?

Do you learn from your mistakes?

Do you know how to use basic hand tools, like a screwdriver or wrench?

What do you think about living more than half an hour away from the nearest shopping area and city?

Do you have any mechanical know-how?

Can you be trusted to operate heavy machinery?

Are you a dog person?

Can you live without reliable access to high speed internet or cell reception?

What time do you usually wake up?

Do you think you could work outdoors in poor weather conditions?

Are you accident prone?

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