Quiz: Could You Make It as a Gladiator?
Could You Make It as a Gladiator?
By: Tori Highley
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

Gladiators look like heroes in the movies, inspiring figures of health and leadership. In real life, they worked hard for their survival. Take this quiz to find out if you could handle the life of a gladiator.

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How do you build muscle at the gym?

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What do you eat with a fresh loaf of bread?

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Which martial arts do you prefer?

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As a gladiator, which Roman deity would you pray to?

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Which weapon would you choose to fight with?

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Which material is your favorite to wear?

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Which basic luxury could you absolutely not give up?

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Which do you desire the most?

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Where do you get your protein after a work out?

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Which subject was your favorite in school?

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Which vegetable do you hate the most?

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What is your drink of choice?

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Which fruit is your favorite with dessert?

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Which meat would you eat every night?

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What do you think the Ancient Romans used sponges for?

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Which emperor of Rome is your favorite?

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What would you do to add calcium to your diet naturally?

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Which sporting event do you enjoy watching the most?

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Because Ancient Roman rank was shown with clothing, what casual Roman wear would you choose?

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