Quiz: Could You Pass a 1953 Beauty Class?
Could You Pass a 1953 Beauty Class?
By: Monica Lee
Image: Wiki Commons

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Let's set the stage. The Postwar economy from 1945 to 1960 was in a boom. From new automobiles flooding the streets to a huge housing expansion, (thanks to affordable mortgages for returning servicemen) life was good.  And women were part of that expansion, many staking a claim in the workforce with disposable incomes which helped the cosmetic industry explode. There were mega brands such as Dior, Estee Lauder, Revlon, Max Factor and Elizabeth Arden. This new look in makeup reflected a change in attitude from the simple, minimal look of the 1940s to the refined feminine beauty of the '50s.

Which is why there is so much interest in retro looks today: The fifties added color, definition and flair. Even the clothes were stylish. Un-padded rounded shoulders, shapely bust lines and closely defined waistlines all created a very glamorous look. Add a Poodle Cut, Pixie or Bouffant and you were set!  

One fault of the '50s was that it was very matchy, matchy. Women who followed the trends matched their lips and eye shadow to a purse, hat, gloves, shoes, you name it.  However if you're going for the fabulous '50s look, you may want to tone that down a bit. But first, take this quiz and find out how to do the '50s with flair. 

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It's the 1950s and it's time to choose your foundation, which one is best?
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What color rouge would you wear back then?
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Which of these eyeliner colors would you choose in the '50s?
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What is the name of the hairstyle that provided permed, tight curls?
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In the 1950s, how often did women wash their hair?
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Which type of mascara is correct to replicate the 1950s look?
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What lipstick colors did you have to choose from in the '50s?
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Which was the ideal face shape in the 1950s?
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How often would you give yourself a facial in the 1950s?
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Which of these hairstyles involved dramatic volume, backcombing and ample use of hairspray?
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You are wearing a low-neck evening gown and have powder on your face. What else should you powder?
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Eye shadows evolved in the '50s. Which of these could you find at the cosmetic counter?
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Ready to pluck your eyebrows '50s-style? Which is the correct shape for a round or square face?
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What was suggested if you wanted to darken the eyebrow without using an eyebrow pencil?
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Once there was a cushion on the crimpers, this became a hot-selling '50s makeup tool. What is it?
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Betty Page was known for her short, full fringe hairstyle known as what?
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Color was an option in mascara starting in which decade?
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Natural lip shapes of the 1950s followed those of the 1940s but there was a slight difference. What was it?
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If eye shadows were coordinated with your outfit, what was matched to your lipstick color?
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Audrey Hepburn's closely-cropped hair made this hairstyle popular. What is its name?
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It was all the rage and it was from Revlon. What was it?
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How often does the 1950s lady schedule a manicure?
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What was used as a heavy skin moisturizer back in the day?
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