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You never know how important a job is until you get your hands dirty and do it yourself. That would be the case for forklift operators since many people would think it's just a person driving around in a tractor all day long. However, there are rules to follow and regulations in what you can lift and how you do it.

If you think about it, forklift operators are picking up some heavy and essential equipment or inventory in a warehouse. If they pick something up the wrong way and it goes crashing down, not only are they losing inventory but may also hurt someone. The inventory can be replaced, but not a life!

So, do you think you can pass a forklift driving exam? We are going to test you on everything from how to handle a load being stacked unsafely on your forklift to what speed you should be driving that forklift around the warehouse. When all is said and done, you will have passed and would be considered certified to drive a forklift. If you failed, however, you may want to rethink your career choice!

Which best describes a forklift?

A forklift is a specialty vehicle that is used to lift things. To lift those things, the two prongs or forks are placed underneath the items you want to lift, engage the machinery and let it do the rest.


How often does OSHA require a safety check be performed on the forklift truck?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has requirements that forklift trucks must be checked at least daily before they can be placed into service. If the forklift is used round-the-clock, it must then be examined after each shift.


When driving in a typical warehouse, how far off the ground should the forks be?

When working in a typical warehouse that has an even surface, place the forks about 5 to 10 centimeters off the ground. This would be a height to make it through a wooden pallet and also stop you from scraping the ground.


When approaching an intersection on a forklift truck, you should do all of the following except which one?

When approaching an intersection, a driver is advised to slow down, stop and honk the horn. This is also the case at corners and if the driver's view is ever obstructed.


If a forklift driver notices that a load is stacked unsafely and might collapse, what should the driver do?

When a driver sees this, they should leave the load or stack alone. Then mark off the area with ropes so no one else can attempt anything with it and let their supervisor know about the problem.


Why should you give a few short blasts when sounding the horn instead of one long blast?

You are blasting the horn because you want to be seen and heard, so you need to draw more attention to yourself. This can be done by doing a series of short blasts instead of one long, continuous horn sound.


How many people can ride on a forklift at one time?

For safety reasons, only the driver of a forklift truck can be on the vehicle. No passengers are allowed on a forklift truck, per OSHA rules.


Why does a forklift truck have an overhead guard?

In a warehouse, you never know when boxes or loose items may fall from shelves. To protect the driver from shifting materials above, the overhead guard is in place.


On what type of surface should you not drive a forklift?

Snow isn't good for any type of forklift. This is because of the weight per square foot contacting the ground. If you absolutely must drive a forklift in snow, be alert and make sure it is properly warmed up before doing so. And remember to drive slowly!


If the forklift truck starts to tip, what should you do?

No matter how much you practice safety measures, the forklift truck may tip sometimes. If this happens, you are going to want to stay in your seat, don't jump, grip the wheel securely and brace yourself using your feet.


Of the following, which is not a type of forklift truck?

There are forklift trucks powered by gasoline and diesel. There are also electric forklifts. However, there are no air-cooled powered trucks out there.


When conducting a daily inspection on the forklift, which are included?

Your lift trucks’ Operation and Maintenance Manuals (OMM) should tell you what to inspect during your daily inspection. The items would include checking the seat belt, warning lights and any leaking fuel, among other things.


Which of the following statements are true?

If you are driving the forklift, you have to be trained in driving it. However, that training only needs to be conducted again as a refresher if issues come up with a driver. OSHA provides the rules and regulations, not training.


To drive a forklift truck, what must an employee do?

Surprised? Well, OSHA does not require forklift operators to pass a vision or hearing test. However, they issue a letter of interpretation, saying that employers are the ones who determine if full vision is mandatory to drive a forklift.


A driver should do which of the following when refueling or recharging?

You do not want to block the doorway when refueling. In case of an explosion or another type of emergency, the doorway should remain open so you can get out of the area.


When parking or leaving your forklift truck, which of the following should you not do?

When parking the forklift truck, you are going to want to make sure to do all of the points listed, except leave the engine running. Once all of the other elements have been completed, make sure you also turn off the engine.


On a forklift, one of the following areas can cause an injury, but which one is it?

A pinch point is any area where a worker might get a body part caught, like a hand or foot. If a machine moves or has a moving part, it can create a pinch point.


If you are moving the forklift in reverse, you must do what?

OSHA said that forklifts are responsible for the fourth highest number of fatalities when it comes to back-overs. That is why reverse alarms are placed and used on forklifts.


What is the most important safety device on the forklift truck?

When it comes to the safety of a forklift truck, the driver is the most essential aspect of that safety. They are the ones controlling the speed and turns, and when the backup alarm goes off or the horn is blown.


What does OSHA stand for?

OSHA is an agency in the United States Department of Labor. It was established under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, which was signed into law in 1970 by President Richard Nixon.


When it comes to forklifts, which statement is true?

Regardless of how much safety we put into it, a forklift does tip over sometimes. This is especially true when the driver is driving at very fast speeds.


What causes the most forklift accidents?

While the other answers are also dangerous, not paying attention causes the most forklift-related accidents. The driver needs to stay focused at all times, as they can't miss anything going on around them when operating this equipment.


When turning, what must you do to maintain balance?

When turning, you are going to want to slow down the forklift. With a slower speed, you have a better chance of maintaining control and balance when making those turns.


What is the normal speed at which a forklift truck should travel?

The speed would vary for a forklift truck, as it would depend on the load being carried. You also have to factor in the working conditions to determine the speed.


If the load obscures your view in the front, what should you do?

You do not want to raise the load, as there are height restrictions, and you don't want to keep honking the horn and hope everyone moves. By driving in reverse, you are still moving the load and seeing any dangers that may pop up.


When traveling on a slope or ramp, can the forklift be turned?

For a forklift truck, the center of gravity is near the center of the forklift. Because of that, you never want to turn while driving up or down a ramp or slope. It could cause your truck to tip over and your load to spill.


When should the driver of a forklift use the horn?

The driver should use the horn when approaching an intersection. These tend to be busier areas, so you want to make sure your presence is also known to everyone coming to that intersection.


What should you do if the brakes go out on the forklift?

If the brakes go out, you may freak out, which is why a plan should be in place. In this circumstance, lowering the forks would help slow down the vehicle.


If the load is too long, are fork extensions allowed?

The manufacturer would know more about what is allowed or not allowed. If they allow fork extensions, then you could use them for a longer load.


When you have more than one moving forklift truck, what distance should be between them?

When it comes to moving a series of forklift trucks, they should be considered the same as vehicles on the road. You should allow a safe braking distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.


If you notice a patch of oil on the ground while driving the forklift, what should you do?

Oil on the ground is dangerous for a forklift, so it needs to be addressed immediately. That is why the driver should stop, get out, and clean it right away.


When lifting people, what should the driver do?

Forklifts should not be used for fun and games, especially on the job. People should never be lifted on a forklift, so there is no proper way to do it.


Do all of the following when refueling the forklift except which one?

You do not want a flame near the forklift when refueling. When refueling or recharging, open flames, smoke and any possible source of ignition is prohibited within 10 meters of the truck.


When creating safety checklists, which of the following should be included?

For the safety checklist, you are going to want to include oil and fuel levels, as well as the lights and horn because they should be checked at the same time. The load capacity is so the driver knows the maximum load allowed.


Why must you turn off the ignition and remove the key when leaving a forklift truck?

By leaving the forklift truck running or with the key in it, it allows unauthorized people to use it. Forklifts are more dangerous than people think, so all safety precautions need to be followed.


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