Quiz: Could You Survive a Shark Attack?
Could You Survive a Shark Attack?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Orbon Alija / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

A lot of people are terrified of sharks, which is both wise and absurd at the same time. The truth about shark attacks is that they are extremely rare, and unless you go splashing around their favorite hangouts just when they're looking for something to eat, then bleed into the nearby waters, they generally won't bother you. Sharks, after all, have more to fear from humans than the other way around! Indeed, in the entire American population, an average of one person a year is killed by a shark. That compares to over 600 trampled by cows or horses and over 100 dead from insect attack (allergies are serious things).

Still, just because something is rare doesn't mean it never happens, and when it's something very serious, then you still need to know how to handle it if the situation were to arise. If you keep your head and follow a few simple steps, you are very likely to come away without so much as a scratch - and if the worst happens and the shark goes from merely sniffing you out to deciding to munch on you, you can still persuade it that you're not worth the effort. Let's see if you have what it takes!

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What water sport are you likely to do?

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A shark! You've spotted one! What do you do?

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How comfortable are you with throwing the first punch?

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What is your favorite time of day for swimming?

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Do you find that you often cut yourself easily?

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Where would you try to whack a shark if you had to?

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You're swimming with a buddy when the shark comes in. What's the best position to take?

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You look around and the shark has disappeared. You didn't see it leave, though. What is your next move?

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If you see a cluster of seabirds or dolphins, what does that mean for the odds of sharks being present?

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If the sea looks a little murky on a clear day, does that make a shark attack more or less likely?

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If there is a reef nearby, how can you take advantage of it?

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