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Believe it or not, a number of countries around the world have either disarmed their militaries or never formed one in the first place. Test your knowledge of the world's nonmilitary powers.

Which of the following countries most recently gave up its military?

Haiti disbanded its military in 1995, though Michel Martelly, the country's president, is calling for its reinstatement.


Which of the following is NOT a requirement for members of the Vatican City State security force?

The Swiss Guard has long been tasked with providing security for the Vatican City State, but they are free to perform their duties after a clean shave.


While we're on the subject of tiny European countries, when and why did Monaco decide its military no longer served a purpose?

While Monaco did ultimately sign a treaty with France guaranteeing French forces would protect the country, it had long since abandoned its own obsolete military in the face of the vastly superior arms of other countries.


Let's head north to another little nation. If Iceland were attacked, which country would come to its defense?

Iceland hasn't had a standing army for well over a hundred years, but it reached an agreement with the United States in 1951 that ensured the U.S. would handle Iceland's defense.


Which of the following now military-free countries was the site of intense fighting between Japan and the United States during World War II?

So many Japanese and American vessels litter the sea surrounding Micronesia that they pose an environmental threat.


Wait. If Micronesia doesn't have a miltary, then how are its citizens able to serve in the army?

Because of extremely close ties with the United States, Micronesians can join the United States' armed forces.


Which of the following helped to spark tensions between army-less Costa Rica and Nicaragua?

Although both countries' official maps showed the disputed territory belonged to Costa Rica, a general blamed an error in Google Maps for the mini-invasion that led to escalating tensions between the two nations.


Which of the following nations spends less on its army than Costa Rica spends on its highly trained police force?

While Costa Rica has no military, it does have a large police force with military-grade weaponry. Annual cost? Nearly $300 million. That's more than Guatemala spends on its military.


What's the Special Mobile Force on the island nation of Mauritius tasked with?

One of two paramilitary forces on the island, Mauritius' Special Mobile Force comprises 1,205 police officers devoted to civic works projects on the island.


Which event was a catalyst for Panama's decision to disband its military?

After seeing the country's military repeatedly abuse its power, Panamanians widely supported the decision to demilitarize after the ouster of Manuel Noriega in 1989.


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