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Rustic simplicity is in. Country decorating ideas add timelessness and dignity to your country home. Take this dignified quiz on country decorating ideas.

In the old days, how did they use to furnish country homes?

In olden days, they would go for practicality and availability -- no fuss, no frills.


Traditionally, where do American homes get their rugs and silver from?

For generations, American homes have been furnished with rugs from the Orient and silver from Mexico.


How is "new traditional" furnishing style characterized?

New traditional style means no over-formality. Instead, symmetry, grace and elegance is what makes the look.


Eighteenth-century Queen Anne and Chippendale pieces are _____

Like Sheraton and Hepplewhite, they are prohibitively expensive.


Chintz originated from _____

Chintz originated from British India, although arguably it was inspired by lavish English gardens.


Pastel-colored quilts were typical of what decade?

Pastel-colored quilts were the hallmark of the austere 1930s.


What did early-American pioneer homes often look like?

Early American pioneer homes were humble, simple log cabins.


Mission furniture reflects the 1900s mood of the _____

Mission furniture is a reflection of the 1900s mood of the Arts and Crafts Movement.


In terms of upholstery, which of these is considered classic?

As far as upholstery is concerned, leather is the classic mode of choice.


What were some popular interior colors between the 1920s and 1950s?

Between the 1920s and 1950s, popular interior colors included mint green, yellow and lilac.


"Fresh country style" furnishings combine old and new simplicities according to the adage _____

Fresh country style boasts a mix of old and new simplicities in the sense that form follows function. This means simplicity with no compromise on warmth.


Early American Shaker style can be said to be _____

Early American Shaker style is a true classic with an influence on American furniture up till modern times.


If you wanted to create a chic touch to your home, what could you do?

For a chic look, always go for sophisticated modern fabrics and timeless stripes.


What styles were popular during the American Revolution?

During the period of the American Revolution, Georgian and Federal styles were in vogue.


What type of porches were characteristic of American rustic style?

If you watched The Waltons in the 1970s, you know what they were like: large, welcoming porches where grandma could knit and grandpa could smoke.


What in your home is reminiscent of Italian stoneworkers?

Conjure up images of Italian stoneworkers and you get porcelain tiles, limestone flooring and granite counters.


How could you decorate your home with an "old homestead", memories-of-grandma look?

Grandma's home would have had charming, old furniture and sage-violet tones. If you want the "old homestead" look, go for the same.


In a room paneled with brick or wood, what sort of look is created by Art-and-Crafts-style furnishings?

Dress up your brick or wood-paneled room with Art-and-Crafts-style furnishings and you'll capture timelessness.


How can you create an appropriate color scheme in your country-home living areas?

Quiet, natural tones will do the trick in your living areas.


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