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Haute couture is so much more than fashion; it's wearable art, designed as much to evoke emotion as it is to make the wearer feel fabulous. Take our quiz to see how much you know of the world of haute couture.

What is the English translation of "haute couture"?

Haute couture is a French term meaning "high sewing," or "high dressmaking."


What is an atelier?

Every house of haute couture has an atelier, or workshop where fancy couture clothes are made.


What does pret-a-porter mean?

Pret-a-porter is French for "ready to wear," or clothes that come straight off the shelf with no customization.


What do designers call the people who actually make their clothes?

The people who work in ateliers are petites mains — little hands — and are typically highly skilled in the craftsmanship of clothing.


What country sets the rules for haute couture?

A true haute couture design must be certified by the <i>Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture</i>, a brand of the French Ministry of Industry.


True or false: True haute couture is made entirely by hand.

By definition, haute couture must be crafted entirely by hand. The pieces must be custom made for the buyer, either with live fittings or using a model of the customer's body.


How many shows must a designer have each year to hold the title of haute couture?

Haute couture designers must hold two shows — in January and June — and show at least 25 pieces per show.


True or false: There are hundreds of haute couture brands.

There are only around a dozen haute couture labels, down from a high of 200 in the early 20th century.


True or false: There has never been an American haute couture label.

America has had just two haute couture brands throughout history, including Mainbocher and Ralph Rucci.


What brand started the concept of couture?

Couture started with Charles Frederick Worth, who opened his clothing shop in Paris in 1858.


What royal propelled Worth and couture itself to fame?

Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III, helped transform Worth into the clothier of choice, while also elevating the concept of haute couture.


What brand of a couture house focuses on dressmaking?

Many couture ateliers are divided into <i>flou</i>, for dressmaking, and <i>tailleur</i>, for suits and coats.


What year was the <i>Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture</i> established?

Haute couture has been under French control since the <i>Chambre Syndicale</i> was established in 1868.


What haute couture brand is known for its "New Look"?

In 1947, Dior introduced a line so revolutionary that it earned the title "New Look" from the fashion world.


What house opened the first freestanding couture boutique?

Yves Saint Laurent opened the first boutique for couture in 1966, and many other haute couture houses quickly followed.


What is Rad Hourani's claim to fame?

Rad Hourani was the first brand to release a unisex couture line in 2013.


What is a vendeuse?

Traditionally, haute couture is sold by a trained saleswoman known as a vendeuse.


What was Givenchy best known for when the brand debuted?

Givenchy was celebrated for its line of separates when it debuted in 1952.


What line officially lost its haute couture status in 2002?

Yves Saint Laurent lost its haute couture label after the company failed to present a Paris couture show in 2002.


What does Armani call its haute couture line?

Armani launched in 1975, and the company still sells haute couture under its Prive name.


Which of these pieces is Armani best known for?

Armani is renowned for its power suits and its androgynous style.


What color defines Valentino?

Valentino, which launched in 1959, is known for its special shade of Valentino red, particularly when it comes to dresses.


What country does Ralph & Russo hail from?

Ralph & Russo launched in 2007, and in 2014, it became the first British haute couture label in a century.


What country is Elie Saab from?

The Lebanese Elie Saab launched his own line in 1982 at age 18 and earned haute couture status in 2006.


What year was Dior established?

Dior formed in Paris in 1946 and showed its first collection, which emphasized postwar opulence, in 1947.


Where did the Versace label launch?

Versace launched in Milan in 1978, and the company introduced its first haute couture line in 1989.


Where did Yves Saint Laurent get his start?

Yves Saint Laurent worked for Dior before launching his own couture label in 1966.


Which of these is Yves Saint Laurent best known for?

YSL introduced blazers and smoking jackets for women and is also credited with transforming the peacoat into haute couture.


What year did Chanel No. 5 hit stores?

Chanel introduced its famous No. 5 scent in 1921. It got its name because it was the fifth scent presented by fragrance designer Ernest Beaux.


What year did Chanel launch?

Gabrielle Chanel opened her shop in 1910. The company was later known for its suits, the little black dress and, of course, its fragrances.


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