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In the 1950s, Hollywood churned out dozens and dozens of trite western movies. The same stereotypes, the same stuffy music and the same landscapes appeared in film after film. Then movies like 1965's "A Few Dollars More" shook the industry to its core. How much do you know about this groundbreaking film?

Who was the star of "A Few Dollars More"?

Clint Eastwood was the star of "A Few Dollars More," the sequel to "A Fistful of Dollars." Eastwood starred in all three of the "Dollars" films.


"A Few Dollars More" was what kind of Western?

The film was definitely a spaghetti western -- a low-budget movie that was filmed in Europe. Its success launched several actors into lasting fame.


What is the official name of Eastwood's character in the film?

Eastwood plays the ominous Man With No Name. He is the manifestation of a Western stereotype -- lanky, capable…and dangerous.


What role did Ennio Morricone have in the making of the film?

Morricone composed the movie's music score, which propelled the on-screen action to ever greater heights. His music is so legendary that it has achieved the status of icon.


Gian Maria Volonte plays El Indio, a name that means what?

Volonte is El Indio, which is Spanish for The Indian. El Indio is nearly a complete psychopath -- and he's the leader of a vicious band of criminals.


Who directed the movie?

Sergio Leone had made a name for himself with "A Fistful of Dollars" and immediately capitalized on his success by directing the sequel, too.


Eastwood plays a character who goes by which name?

He's known by some as "Manco." In the first "Dollars" film, he's referred to as Joe. But of course, The Man With No Name really has no official moniker.


What job does Manco have in the film?

Eastwood's character, Manco, is a patient, violent bounty hunter. He's in pursuit of the El Indio, a wanted criminal.


What was a defining characteristic of the "Dollars" trilogy, including "A Few Dollars More"?

Director Sergio Leone channeled some seriously dark violence into his films. All three of the "Dollars" movies show characters who inflict psychotic physical harm on others.


What was this movie's approximate budget?

The movie had three times the budget of "A Fistful of Dollars" but that still only amounts to about $600,000. It made more than $15 million at the box office.


Manco must compete with another bounty hunter for his prey, a fugitive named El Indio. What's the nickname of Manco's competition?

Manco is in direction competition with the Man in Black, whose official name is Col. Douglas Mortimer. Mortimer is older and perhaps more dangerous than El Indio.


Why does Eastwood's character use his left hand for most daily tasks?

The Man with No Name has trained himself to use his left hand for most tasks, simply because it leaves his right hand free to quickly draw his weapon to attack.


How was Ennio Morricone's music different from typical American westerns?

Many U.S.-made westerns relied on contrived folk songs that made the movies seem glib. Morricone's music was dark and better suited to the on-screen violence.


The film is set in which area?

The movie's story takes place in Texas. In one memorable scene, El Indio's gang stages a robbery at an El Paso bank.


What object does El Indio always present before gun duels?

El Indio opens a pocket watch that plays a song -- and when the song ends, the fighting begins. It's an ominous plot point that provides more drama to the story.


In one scene, the movie portrays the use of which substance?

Some historians claim that this was the first movie to show the use of marijuana. El Indio smokes pot onscreen during one scene.


How does Manco trick El Indio into letting him join his gang?

Manco manages to help one of El Indio's men escape from jail. With this act, El Indio trusts Manco enough to let him join the gang.


The film features a character named Wild, who has which physical trait?

Wild is a hunchback in the film. He's a member of El Indio's violent gang, and he winds up causing problems for Manco.


Which actor played the part of the Man in Black?

Lee Van Cleef is Col. Mortimer aka The Man In Black. He's an older bounty hunter but he has plenty of motivation to hunt down El Indio.


Col. Mortimer, The Man in Black, was a soldier for which army?

Col. Mortimer is an ex-Confederate soldier who ends his fighting time and heads out West to make his living as a bounty hunter.


"For a Few Dollars More" was Sergio Leone's highest-grossing film in Italy.

Leone had a string of hits in Italy and "For a Few Dollars More" was his biggest. It made more than $5 million in its first American release, too.


Who is NOT one of the members of El Indio's gang?

There's no Sleepy in the gang, but Groggy, Slim, Blackie and other memorable characters do make up part of the cast.


Which actor passed up the chance to appear in both "A Fistful of Dollars" and its sequel?

The film's creators approached Bronson for both films. The first time, he rejected the script because it sounded terrible -- the second time because the script was too similar to the first movie.


Why does Col. Mortimer has a personal vendetta against El Indio?

The Man in Black is in the pursuit for more than the money. El Indio sexually assaulted his sister (who subsequently committed suicide). Mortimer wants revenge.


What animal dies during the course of the movie?

In one scene, a gunman shoots a horse. American westerns never showed this kind of violence, another fact that helped set "A Few Dollars More" apart from its contemporaries.


Sergio Leone was NOT excited about shooting this sequel.

Leone was not terribly enthusiastic about making this film, which turned out to be one of his best. But the film company threatened to withhold part of his paycheck from the first film unless he promised to make the sequel.


Which character kills the hunchbacked gang member?

Col. Mortimer, or the Man in Black, guns down the hunchback during one violent confrontation. German actor Klaus Kinski played the famous hunchback role.


The film was financially successful but bombed with critics.

"A Few Dollars More" captivated audiences around the world. Although its violence was offputting to some critics, it's still regarded as a fine piece of filmmaking by both fans and professional reviewers.


Col. Mortimer is an ex-Confederate soldier who is originally from which area?

Col. Mortimer is from the Carolinas area, a fact that explains why he fought for the South during the war. It does not explain, however, why he has a New Jersey accent.


Director Sergio Leone often had what on set during the film shoots?

Ennio Morricone's music was vital to the film. Sergio Leone often played the music on set during filming to help guide his direction.


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