Quiz: The Ultimate Crab Fishing Greenhorns Quiz
The Ultimate Crab Fishing Greenhorns Quiz
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On a crab boat, greenhorns are those crewmen who are new to the experience of crab fishing. It is a particularly dangerous position, since crab fishing has the highest mortality rate of any job. Take this quiz to learn more about those daring greenhorns.

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How much can crew members on a crab fishing boat earn?
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Who is a crab boat greenhorn?
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What is the original meaning of the word greenhorn?
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Who was referred to as a greenhorn in the mid-1600s?
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What had the term greenhorn come to mean by the 1830s?
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A greenhorn is a person at the __________ rung on a crab boat.
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What is the responsibility of a greenhorn on a crab vessel?
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What attracts many greenhorns into a crabbing career?
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Greenhorns earn a:
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Which television show has converted the deadly crab fishing job into an industry favorite?
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Which of the following is a crab protection plan?
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How many crab boats set out from Alaskan ports each fishing season?
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To get hired as a greenhorn on a crab boat, you should:
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Who prepares the bait for the crab pots on a boat?
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What is a symptom of seasickness?
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Almost 95 percent of the salmon caught in the U.S. come from:
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Who pays for their food and equipment on the crab boat?
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What is the next rung for a greenhorn on the crab boat?
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