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Crab fishing has been named both the deadliest occupation in the United States and the "Worst Job with the Best Pay." Indeed, only the bravest fishermen choose to face the icy waters, frequent storms and dark days that are the Alaskan crab season.

In what U.S. state was crab fishing recently named the world's most dangerous job?

The Alaskan fishing industry comprises close to half of the state's private sector employment, but that comes with a downside -- the death rate for the state's fishermen is 26 times the national average.


What's the name of the largest fishing port in the United States?

Dutch Harbor, Alaska is the docking place for the roughly 200 crab-fishing boats that set out from the state each season.


What's the name of the cages that Alaskan crab fishermen use to trap crabs?

The 800-pound steel cages, called crab pots, are dropped into the Bering Sea to lure in crabs with bait. These crabs get trapped in the bottom of the cages and can't escape.


The Alaskan crab season spans what time of the year?

The state's brief crab season takes place in spurts between October and January.


Which of the following is not one of the risks of Alaskan crab fishing?

Frigid temperatures, frequent storms and dangerous equipment all contribute to the risks of crab fishing.


A common cause of death for fishermen includes which of the following?

Along with drowning, fishermen could also die from hypothermia, falling overboard and capsizing boats.


What does the Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety Act require?

This bill, passed by Congress in 1988, requires commercial fishing boats to carry survival equipment on board. The enforcement of this act led to a significant increase in the survival rate of crew members on sinking ships.


How long might a crab boat spend at sea?

During the three to four months it's at sea, the boat must carry everything its captain and deckhands need until it returns to port, including crab cages, food, medical supplies and other equipment.


What are all commercial fishing boats required to carry?

An emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) enables the Coast Guard to help a boat that's in trouble by sending out a radio signal for 48 hours after activation.


What's the median income for commercial crab fisherman?

Although crab fisherman can sometimes pull in more than $50,000 for a few days of work, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median salary for crab fisherman is $27,250 per year.


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