Crafting or Not: Do you know the difference?

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Consider yourself a master crafter? Take this quiz to see if you've got what it takes to tackle some of these lesser known crafts.

Which of these materials are used in cold process soap making?

Glycerin is a by-product of cold process soap making, but lye is what's used to make the oils and water into soap.


Which of these materials is used in melt-and-pour soap making?

Different melt-and-pour bases contain different ingredients, and glycerin and coconut oil are two of them.


In jewelry making, what do you use a flush cutter for?

Flush cutters are best for cutting wire. If you want to make a loop, you need round nose pliers.


Which of these tools do you need for closing jump rings in jewelry making?

Chain nose pliers grasp, bend and hold wire, which allows you to get a grip on tiny jump rings.


True or False: You have to use beeswax in lip balm recipes.

You can make a lip balm without beeswax, but if you want it to hold its shape and not melt, you need to substitute another hard wax. Candelilla is a good one to try.


What material is used in felting?

To make felted material, you have to start with a garment made of wool.


What temperature water do you felt with?

Felting requires a hot water wash and a cool water rinse.


What is roving made out of?

Roving is long thin threads of wool that are used in felting.


What is paste wax used for in furniture refinishing?

Paste wax is applied over stained wood to protect the finish. It can also be used as a finish on bare wood.


Which of these tools would you NOT find in a furniture refinisher's tool box?

Steel wool and denatured alcohol are both tools of the furniture restoration trade. Chain nose pliers are used in jewelry making.


Which of these materials used in furniture refinishing is made from a bug?

Shellac is a resin secreted by the female lac bug. It's dissolved in alcohol to make it a liquid.


Which of these is the easiest project for a sewing beginner?

A-line skirts are an easy way to get used to your sewing machine, because they have the fewest steps and least complicated sewing techniques.


What type of clay is used to make porcelain?

Kaolin clay is also called china clay and has few impurities.


What color would you not find in earthenware clay?

The colors of clay are determined by their minerals, so red and yellow are both common colors.


In sewing, what is basting?

Basting is done by hand with large loose threads to temporarily hold two pieces of fabric together while they're being sewn.


Which of these cannot be done on a serger?

Sergers are great complements to sewing machines, but can't be used for all tasks, like zippers and buttonholes.


Which of these candle waxes are not considered vegan?

Even though beeswax doesn't contain bees, it is a by-product of bees so it doesn't fall into vegan territory.


What materials are candle wicks made of?

Traditional candle wicks are made of cotton, but wood wicks have come into fashion lately because they make a crackling sound.


True or false: Saponification is a jewelry making term.

Saponification is the chemical reaction that occurs to make soap.


Which of these candles has to be put in a container to burn?

Pillars are formulated to burn within themselves and tea lights come in their own little container, but votives melt as they burn and if they're not contained, will make a big mess.


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