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Does music say more about the musician or the listener? Most people are pretty unaware of the way the music business works. Most of the time, songwriters are hired-guns, putting words in the mouths of their clients to make them sound deep, romantic, or more mature than they are. How much can a fourteen-year-old really know about love and loss? Not much, of course, which is where songwriters come in. Most of the time, the music actually says little about the performer. The listener, on the other hand, chooses their music because it speaks to something deep within them.

Some songs appeal to us because the lyrics touch on issues or themes we deal with in our lives or care deeply about. Other times, a melody can bring up visceral feelings that seem to come out of nowhere. There are songs we know we love from the first guitar lick the very first time we hear them, and then there are songs that grow on us the more we hear them.

Studies have found that the music we listen to when we are in our formative years becomes the core of what we listen to our whole lives, meaning that in a few decades there will be young kids lamenting how their grandparents continuously listen to Jay Z and Beyonce, AKA "old people music." Music is tied no only to our ages, but to social movements, movies we cherish, or formative experiences we had while listening to them. Songs transport us to other cultures, to fantasy worlds, or to times in our lives when we went through trauma or achieved victory.

By making a few musical choices, you will telegraph things about yourself that perhaps even you were not aware of. Answer a few questions for this quiz and discover something about yourself.

Which Rihanna song starts out your playlist?

Which Pink Floyd song lights up the dark side of your playlist?

Which Led Zeppelin song flies your kite?

Which Robert Palmer song are you addicted to?

What Jay Z track takes the A train to your playlist?

What song by Bruce Springsteen makes you feel like the boss?

Which song by Bruno Mars puts you into space?

Which U2 song secretly flies into your playlist?

Which track by The Streets has you speaking in cockney?

Which Billy Joel song starts your fire?

Which track by Whodini is old school enough for you?

Which Digital Underground track is freaky enough for you?

Which song by Paul McCartney is the cutest?

Which Eagles song has you never leaving?

Which song by Neil Young takes you on a trip?

Which Boyz II Men song has you wearing Tommy Hilfiger?

Which Kanye West song makes you go crazy?

Which track by Sean Combs do you think has enough sampling in it to qualify as original?

Which song by Eminem has you going the extra mile?

Which song by Nicki Minaj gets on on the dance floor?

Which song by 50 Cent would you buy for a dollar?

Which song by Tupac keeps ya head up?

Which Justin Timberlake song put sunshine in your pocket?

Which Metallica song makes you feel like the hero of the day?

Which Megadeth song makes you glad Dave Mustaine was kicked out of Metallica?

Which song by Muse has you thinking hard?

Which song by Radiohead is radio friendly?

Which Lana Del Rey song has you wanting to share it?

Which Ace of Base song makes life beautiful?

Which Beyonce song has you crazy in love?

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