Create a Potion and We'll Guess Your Witch Name

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When one becomes a witch, they often assume a unique name to reflect their new place in the world. From Morgan Le Fay to Medea to the Witch of Endor, witches, fictional and real-life alike, rarely boast an everyday, mortal name. Before you can obtain your witchy title, though, you must prove yourself through the craft of elixir. 

If you plan to plunge into the supernatural, you might do well to first dabble in the art of potion-making. After all, like any skill, it requires plenty of practice and at least a little (super)natural talent. When you stir up a little hollyhock and jacklebeet, nightshade and pig's feet, you'll determine where your strengths lie and what you could stand to improve on. Eventually, you'll develop a unique style that will come to shape your identity among the other witches. Sure, most witches ride on broomsticks and conjure potions. But what makes your magic distinctly you? 

To determine your witch name once and for all, allow this quiz to whisk you through the art of conjuring. Will you use a pinch of ragged robin, a strip of snakeskin, or some yarrow root? Afterward, will you become a good witch, a bad witch, or some other type of witch entirely?  Let's find out!

Your infusion needs a base liquid in which all other ingredients will be steeped. What will it be?

It's time to grab a big wooden spoon and put on your apron. Now, which vessel will you choose to concoct your conjuring?

Let's toss in an herb to get the magic brewing. Which one will you choose first?

As you create your brew, you must focus on the outcome you wish to imbue. What type of spell do you want to cast?

OK, let's choose another herb to add to the mix. What do you pick?

Oooh, I can smell the magic already. Now, it's time to add another organic ingredient. What will it be?

What time of day would you like your enchantment to take effect?

To ensure your potion works, you must meditate on the image of a mythical animal. From this creature, you will harness even greater powers. Which one will you choose?

Naturally, your potion demands the support of an otherworldly element. Which of these hard-to-find ingredients will you secure?

We should probably ask: Is this your first time concocting a magical potion?

You must now summon the strength of a Greek god. Whose guidance will you seek?

The witches from Shakespeare's "Macbeth" cooked up something truly dark and magical. What's your favorite ingredient these crafty witches used? (We might as well throw it in your potion, too!)

Just like when you cook dinner, a potion sometimes (and conveniently) calls for an item that's already in your cupboard. Which of these everyday ingredients will you include?

Whether you hope someone will inhale or consume your potion, it will need at least a hint of sweetness to compel them to try it. Which fruit essence will you incorporate?

Which of these words best captures what you would like to accomplish in your witchy conjuring?

Hmm, your potion still lacks a little something-something. What will you add a pinch of?

Now, with help from a few magpie feathers, you have the option of infusing flying powers into your potion. Would you like to do so?

It's time to mix it up. How many times will you stir your magical brew?

Now, how would you like to prepare your tincture?

Will you opt to strain out the chunkier bits?

Into which vessel will you pour your potion?

You'll soon have to give the potion to someone. How would you like your potion to be ingested?

Do you think you'd like to try the potion, too?

What does your potion smell like now?

What will you name your otherworldly elixir?

Even witches must deal with matters of money. If you could, would you sell this potion to the masses?

It's time to recite a spell while you unleash your potion unto the world. Which incantation will you choose?

Is there anything special one should do while ingesting this elixir?

Is there some sort of item that will aid in the spell?

Can this spell ever be reversed, just in case?

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