Create a Starbucks Drink, and We'll Guess How Long You'll Be Single!

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Do you want to know when you go from single to taken? The only logical way to do it is to make the Starbucks drink of your dreams! The way you put together your tall, grande or venti-sized beverage will tell you once and for all how long your bedroom activities are going to be a solo act. 

When it comes to creating the perfect cup of coffee or the world's best-caffeinated drinks, no one does it better than Starbucks. With your help creating your very own signature drink, you'll not only take Starbucks to a new level, but you'll also indicate the length of time you are going to be single. You may or may not be chomping at the bit to get involved in another relationship, but life sometimes has plans that are entirely different than your own. Instead of reading tea leaves to find out when it will happen to you, we're going to use freshly ground coffee!

Pour yourself a cup of cold brew to accompany this Starbucks quiz. Once we see the ingredients you use, the flavors you prefer, and the toppings you would add, we'll be able to predict when you'll be swept off your feet again! Let's get percolating! 

Which chocolate coffee drink would your own drink contain?

Would you add creamer to your drink?

How many shots of espresso would you add to a grande-sized drink?

What kind of coffee would you make your drink with?

Would you use any Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee in your drink?

Will you put whipped cream on top of your drink?

Would you prefer a chocolate or a caramel drizzle on top of your drink?

How many sugar packets would you put in your drink?

Which kind of cold brew coffee would your drink taste most like?

Would you use a coffee press or a pour over for your drink?

Which Starbucks espresso drink would your drink taste most like?

Which tea drink would your own drink resemble?

Would your drink contain ice cubes?

What size would you make your drink?

Which Frappuccino drink would your drink have the most in common with?

What might you add to spice up your drink a little?

Would you use any artificial sweeteners?

Would you need a drink cozy for your drink?

Do you ever drink plain black coffee at Starbucks?

Would you prefer almond milk or coconut milk in your drink?

What syrup flavor might you add to a drink?

Which kind of liquor would you add to your drink?

Which Starbucks Refresher flavor would you like most?

What kind of Evolution Fresh Juice would you pick up to go with your drink?

Would your drink resemble a Blonde Flat White?

Which Fizzio drink might you take home for later?

Would your drink have anything in common with a vanilla smoothie?

Would you add any of Teavana's Iced Tea Infusions to your drink?

Which bakery item would you have with your drink?

Which Starbucks bottled drink would your drink taste most like?

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