Create an Engagement Ring and We'll Set You Up With a Disney Prince

Kirsten Nunez

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About This Quiz

There’s something so magical about receiving an engagement ring during a romantic proposal. In fact, one might even say that the experience feels like something out of a classic Disney film! And when you consider a proposal marks a new chapter of your very own fairy tale, the comparison makes perfect sense.  

But what if you were literally in the wonderful world of Disney? You’ll find yourself in a Disney kingdom that lines up with your very own love story, complete with a Disney Prince. However, in order to determine which Disney Prince you’re most likely to end up with, you’ll have to tell us more about your dream engagement ring in this super fun quiz.

From gemstones to metals, we’ll ask about your preferences, likes, and dislikes. We’ll also learn how you feel about certain designs, such as trendy styles and specific motifs. For example, do you love the stories behind family heirlooms and antique jewelry? Or do you prefer something that is sweet, simple and timeless? Or perhaps you want an engagement ring that’s stylish and fashionable.  Let us know, and we'll take it from there.

After we look at your responses, we’ll set you up with a legendary Disney Prince. Ready to find out who’s your match? Take the quiz to find out!

Which word best describes your ideal engagement ring?

Does your engagement ring need to have a diamond?

If your engagement ring had a diamond, what shape would it be?

Do you want a silver or gold engagement ring?

What type of jewelry will you wear with your engagement ring?

Where would your dream proposal take place?

Who would pick out your engagement ring?

Where would you rather shop for your engagement ring?

Which type of ring setting do you prefer?

If your engagement ring didn't have a diamond, which gemstone would you like instead?

Do you like ring bands that look like twisted vines?

How will you clean your engagement ring?

What do you think about mixed metal engagement rings?

What type of proposal ring box would you like?

If you had a velvet proposal box, which color would you like?

Would you prefer a custom-made engagement ring?

How much would your dream engagement ring cost?

Which word best describes your ideal proposal?

If your engagement ring had a diamond, how big would it be?

Would your engagement ring have an inscription?

What accent stones would you add to your engagement ring?

What do you think about double band rings?

If your engagement ring had a colored diamond, which color would you like?

When you're not wearing your ring, where will you keep it?

What is your ideal ring dish made out of?

Would you like small diamonds set in the ring band?

Would you buy insurance for your ring?

How would you feel about a secondhand engagement ring?

Does your engagement ring need to match your wedding band?

Would you prefer a trendy engagement ring?

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