Create an Engagement Ring and We'll Set You Up With a Movie Prince

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Rumor has it that back in 1477, the Archduke Maximillian of Austria commissioned the very first diamond engagement ring for Mary of Burgundy and a tradition was born. That was merely the start of the diamond ring, however. Prior to that, there had been an exceedingly long history of rings exchanged for betrothal that may date back to Ancient Egypt and and and Ancient Greeks as well. The ring has long been symbolic of eternity. It is a loop that never ends, after all. For this reason, rings seemed to match up perfectly with the idea of bonding yourself to another for eternity.

The Romans had a tradition of a bride wearing two rings. One was gold and to be worn in public while the other was iron and to be worn when you were doing some more industrial tasks around the house. Regardless of which culture adopted them and exactly how they went about producing or wearing them, the general idea has long been the same. The ring binds you to another. As such, it's kind of a big deal. It's the kind of thing you want to be perfect. Given that, if you design one right here and right now, we'll take that perfection one step further and even match you to your perfect prince! Just take the quiz and see!

Diamonds are forever, so the saying goes. Are diamonds for you?

Are you a traditionalist when it comes to the style of your ring?

Aside from diamonds, are there any stones you find really appealing?

What's your opinion on rings that are made from wood?

Would you ever consider a puzzle ring that can come apart and be put back together?

Tattoo rings are becoming more popular. What do you think of that idea?

You can't have a stone without a setting. Pick one!

Gold is the classic choice for a ring. What else might work?

You don't have to settle for a band that's a forgettable color, either. What shade are you in the market for?

If you're looking to show off your sunny disposition, a yellow stone might do the trick. Do you have a favorite?

If you have an affinity for nature, you may want some green accents in your ring. Which of these verdant stones is for you?

Say you have the main stone, is there any room for accent stones?

You should probably select a ring style. What kind do you like the most?

When a cool, calm feel is what you want from your ring, then you may want to include some blue stones. Pick the best one!

You can get a stone cut any number of ways. Which of these do you like the most?

Suppose price was no object here. What size of diamond would we be looking at?

Maybe you need a ring that evokes passion at a glance. What red stone would do this best?

Do you want a hand in picking out your actual engagement ring or would you rather be surprised?

Maybe you're in the market for a nice, regal look to your ring. Try a purple stone!

What's the best way to clean a ring?

A ring can show off a lot of warmth with a simple orange stone included. Pick the best one!

Are you expecting your ring to be the sort of thing that draws all eyes to it?

Any chance you're looking to have your ring engraved?

Realistically speaking, how much are you looking to spend on this ring?

Have you given any thought to what kind of box it should come in?

Do you expect the ring to cost more or less than the actual ceremony?

Do you want your ring to be fully custom made and one of a kind?

Do you have a shop in mind for finding your perfect engagement ring?

Diamonds aren't just colorless stones, they come in a variety of colors. Which do you like most?

Do you have any other jewelry you think would look good alongside your ring?

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