Create the Perfect Outfit and We'll Tell You Your Celebrity Husband

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About This Quiz

Hey there! Chances are you happened on this quiz because you're a fashionista, or because you want to know which Hollywood hunk is yours. Either way, you're going to have to pick out the perfect outfit, or two, in this quiz for us to give you that information. 

And when we say outfit, we're talking about a head to toe look. So you'll have to pick out a hairstyle, and we're going to go right down to a toenail color. By the end of this fun little virtual shopping trip, not only will you have an idea for a cute real-life outfit, but you'll also know which male celeb is destined to be yours.

Will you be paired with a gorgeous singer like Zayn Malik? Will your husband save your life like the sexy TV doctor Jesse Williams? Will you be matched with the Asgardian god, Chris Hemsworth? Or are you more into pirates like Johnny Depp?

Your result will depend on how you build your perfect outfit (from head to toe) in this quiz. And please be as honest as humanly possible with us. So go ahead and pick some stuff out with us and we'll match you with your leading man. 

Let's get right to it. Which of these underwears will provide all-day comfort?

And what kind of bra is your go-to?

It's a pretty casual day, so jeans would be perfect. What fit are you going with?

What color suits you best?

But what finish or style will you choose?

Time for the top. Which of these is so your style?

What pattern would you choose for a top?

Finish it up with a jacket. Which sounds perfect for the look?

Which designer belt are you pairing with the outfit?

Time for some shoes. What color will go best with your outfit?

But what kind are you going with?

We need to pick out some jewelry. What kind of earring looks best on you?

And a necklace?

Last jewelry choice. Which of these goes on your hand/arm?

You need a bag to put your things in. Which of the following sounds the best?

We need to transform this one into a day to night look. What are you doing to your makeup?

What style will you put in your hair?

Heels are pretty necessary. Which of the following will you wear?

You get to switch your necklace out. Which of these options sounds like a good replacement?

Your current bag is a bit too clunky. What will you replace it with?

Tell us more about your style. Which word best describes it?

Has fashion always been a big part of your life?

Which celeb's style do you love?

What sorts of colors make up most of your wardrobe?

How often do you wear the same outfit?

What would you say your annual clothing (and shoes) budget is?

Now tell us a bit about your non-clothing tastes. What kind of locations do you like traveling to?

Who's your favorite person right now?

How adventurous are you when it comes to food?

What makes the world go round?

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