Create the Perfect Relationship and We'll Guess If You're a Good Kisser

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Unless you are in the first grade, kissing is inevitably an important part of any relationship. At the beginning of a love affair, the first kiss is one of the most highly anticipated milestones, whether it happens before, after, or on the first date. If there's no fireworks? Well, it may just end things before they even start. 

People are suckers for a good kiss, too, not just in their own lives but in the lives of their favorite fictional characters. In the wildly popular Netflix exclusive movie, "The Kissing Booth," a young Elle Evans decides to run a -- you guess it -- kissing booth at her high school's annual carnival. The catch? She has never been kissed. The movie continues to follow her budding relationship with an older boy (and her crush), Noah Flynn, until that magical moment arrives. Elle and Noah share a kiss!

"The Kissing Booth" is just one of many movies that draw hopeless romantics with a highly-anticipated kiss and developing relationship. So, what's your perfect relationship? Take this quiz to tell us everything you want in a relationship, from dates to dreams and to kisses. Once we know about your perfect relationship, we'll guess if you're a good kisser!

How tall is your significant other?

How long will you date before you get engaged?

How many days a week will you see each other?

When will you move in together?

What TV show will you watch together?

What will you do on your first date?

What will be your song?

What will remind you of him or her?

Where will your first weekend getaway be together?

What about vacation? Where will your first real vacation be?

What will your first baby be named?

What will the holidays be like?

Will you go to church?

How often will you two hang out with your friends?

What kind of concerts will you go to?

What will you do on Sundays?

If your love brings you breakfast in bed, what would it be?

What's your favorite type of restaurant to go to together?

How long will you date before you say "I love you?"

Will you take couples photos?

What will you do for your first anniversary?

When will you have kids?

Where will you go on your first camping trip?

How often will you text throughout the day?

At what point will your significant other meet your family?

What sport will you watch together?

What will you do for your first Valentine's Day?

How long will you be engaged before you get married?

How many times a week will you hook up?

How will you communicate when you are frustrated with each other?

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