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Creative painting can provide a welcome change from the standard approach. Take this quiz to find out what you know about creative painting.

Why change your approach to painting?

Sometimes you just get bored with the standard approach. Try something new and exciting.


How would you define wabi-sabi?

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese approach to painting that focuses on imperfection as art.


When using a stencil, why should you offload excess paint?

If you use too much paint when you stencil you might leave unattractive brush strokes. Always offload your excess paint.


Which of these is the most efficient way to secure a stencil?

If you try holding a stencil while you paint it might move and ruin the design. Always secure the stencil, preferably with tape.


How can you tell that you've removed all of the excess paint from your brush?

When you use a stencil brush it should look as though there is little or no paint on the brush.


Which of these is the proper method for painting with stencils?

When you paint with a stencil you should use small circular strokes to bring out an artistic effect with more depth.


What should you do with a stencil after using it?

Always wash your stencils after using them. Otherwise the paint that builds up could clog the stencil.


Which of these types of flashlights should you use to create enlarged stencil designs?

By removing the lens from a flashlight and drawing a design onto the lens, you can produce enlarged patterns. Any flashlight will do.


What kinds of designs are best when enlarged?

As you enlarge a design with a flashlight you will lose definition. The clearer and sharper the original, the better the larger version will be.


Once you have projected your design onto the wall with your flashlight, what should you do next?

The purpose of the flashlight is to project the design onto the wall so you can trace it with a pencil. You will complete the process with the lights on.


What sort of paint should you use to apply a lace pattern?

Simply lay a piece of lace over an item and spray paint over the lace. You'll basically be using the lace as a stencil.


If you're using lace as a stencil, when should you remove the lace?

Never move the lace while the paint is wet. It will likely smear the paint.


How should you secure a flashlight when using it as a stencil?

It's very difficult to stand perfectly still, so if you try holding the flashlight in place it will likely move while you're tracing. Just prop the flashlight on a stack of books.


When spray painting over lace, which of these methods should you use?

Rather than spray one thick coat of paint, try spraying lightly and repeating until the pattern is complete.


What should you bear in mind regarding tissue paper techniques?

The problem with tissue paper techniques is that they are very difficult to remove. Even if you paint over them the texture of the paper might show through.


Where should you go to purchase glazing liquid?

Glazing liquid is available at most painting stores. You can also try an arts supply store.


When should you apply the tissue to the wall?

While the satin finish you've applied is still wet you should apply the tissue paper. It will stick to the finish.


Why should you crumble tissue paper before applying it?

Tissue paper painting is all about texture. Crumbling the paper is an easy way to achieve that texture.


Which of these should you use to apply glaze?

Glaze is not really paint. Rather than using a paintbrush, try using a cotton rag.


What is the difference between the way glaze looks when it's wet and when it's dry?

Glaze always looks milky when it's wet. When it dries it will look clear and have whatever tint you've applied to it.


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