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As a parent, you can do wonders at helping your child develop good study habits. This starts with an appropriate study space, including decisions about where, how and when he or she will study. Before you begin this process, take this quiz to learn about creating a study space.

Why do some kids see "study" as a four-letter word?

"Study" is unfortunately seen by some kids as something bad and negative.


To help your kids with a study routine, what time goals can you set for them?

They should get into the habit of setting aside a routine time every night for their homework.


In terms of space, what would be the most conducive for studying?

The best situation is a designated area that is reserved for studying. It should be quiet and non-distractive.


What should you take into account when choosing a study space for your child?

Weigh up his or her personality. Some children do better with absolute quiet, whereas others thrive on non-interfering background buzz.


Why is it a good idea to work together with your child to create a study space?

It's for cooperation purposes. If he or she is part of the decision-making process, a child will like what's set up and want to use it.


Studies show that the average college student spent:

In 1961, the average student spent 40 weekly hours on study (class and home time together), while this dropped to only 27 weekly hours in 2003.


Good _____ is an essential accessory for your child's study space.

While good behavior is pretty important (not only when the child is studying!), good lighting is a must in the work area.


What height should the chair be in relation to the desk?

It depends on your child and the height of the desk. A child should sit comfortably and be able to reach his or her work comfortably.


Which of these items would be appropriate study accessories for an elementary school child?

An elementary pupil would need crayons and kids' scissors, as well as other age-appropriate items.


Why is a calendar a good idea to put in your child's study space?

A calendar is helpful for the child to learns how to prioritize work commitments and track project deadlines.


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