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Do you know what you can do with that barren corner in your living room? Are you the resident expert on how to create a designer vignette? Take our quiz and establish yourself as a design authority.

How is the word vignette used to describe something in your home?

A vignette in your home is a tablescape that tells a story and adds drama to an otherwise dreary corner. Although it is also called a tablescape, it can be set up on a table, fireplace mantel or a dresser.


What is the most appealing reason to create a vignette?

Although there are basic rules to follow when creating a vignette, every vignette is unique to the individual who creates it. All the choices are yours to make and no one should tell you what you should use.


What is considered a classic vignette construction strategy?

A classic vignette strategy is to make sure that you mimic shapes and themes subtly when you group items together. Following this strategy aids your vignette in conveying its unique story.


What is the best way to decide what you want to use and what you need to buy to create your vignette?

The best way to be inspired is to gather up interesting objects already in your home and focus on the item that inspires you the most. After you decide what you want to use for your vignette, you can see what you may need to purchase to complete your project.


Once you have everything interesting together in front of you, what is the next step?

Group everything you found together by color and theme. You can then see what grabs you as something to work with.


What is the most important decision you must make before you start to create your vignette?

The most important item to decide on for your vignette is the anchor piece. The anchor piece tends to be the standout item in your creation.


The main function of your anchor piece is to:

The anchor piece sets the tone for your vignette along with scale and relationship of other items in your creation.


What is the most distinguishing feature of the anchor piece in a vignette?

Your anchor piece is always larger in scale than other items. You will want your anchor piece to be the first item that brings attention to your masterpiece.


What is one basic rule of successful vignettes?

Design professionals have found that odd-numbered items grouped together are more pleasing to the eye. This basic rule can be applied to any decorating situation and is not limited to vignettes.


What is a second concrete rule for vignette design?

Finding symmetry in the relationship of lines to one another is referred to as the golden ratio for vignettes. You want scale in your vignette so you should avoid having a large item next to tiny items.


If you employ a stack of books in your vignette, how do you count them?

It does not matter about the size of the books or how many are in a stack, as they are always counted as a single dominant item.


What is a third concrete rule for vignette design?

You can lean toward a particular shape standard in your vignette, but you will should always include some variety in shape.


What is the ultimate goal that determines success for a vignette?

A vignette is a design technique meant to create a point of visual interest in a room. A good vignette can bring a room to life and will surely bring compliments from your visitors.


You have chosen a sculpture two feet high as your anchor item. What should be the size of the next dominant item?

The next dominant item should always be about half as high as the anchor. The key is that you want to have symmetry for your items.


Some of the most striking vignettes have:

A very subtle theme can be intriguing to a viewer, as they try to visualize the message that your vignette is trying to convey.


When putting an assortment of items together in a vignette there are:

The fun part of a vignette is that there are no hard rules when putting your assortment of items together. Nevertheless, you do want to make sure that you have an assortment.


What do you want to avoid at all costs when you create your vignette masterpiece?

It may be very tempting to include a favorite collection such as ceramic thimbles or the miniature spoon collection that grandma left you, but it is better to display them on their own away from your vignette.


What is an easy way to create a vignette that constantly changes?

You can use a fish tank that is higher than it is wide. A fish tank will provide multiple options for color and light to your vignette, as you are able to choose various colors for the fish and the tank light.


How should you start if you want to make a vignette in a child’s room or a playroom?

The most important step to a successful vignette in a child’s room is to involve the child. Once involved the child just may have a few helpful suggestions and inspirations for your vignette as well.


What is a good idea for a themed vignette?

Both choices are great ideas for a vignette that is based on a major theme. With a seasonal holiday theme for example, you can change your vignette to match each of the holidays and seasons.


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