Quiz: The Secrets to Creativity: How much do you know?
The Secrets to Creativity: How much do you know?
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Creativity is defined as the ability to create novel, socially valued products and ideas. But can a person be inherently creative, or can it be taught? Test your creativity smarts now.

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The state of "flow" allows a person to be so absorbed by an enjoyable activity that time seems to slip by, sometimes resulting in creative and innovative thinking. You can enter a state of flow by enganging in:
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Stimulants and depressants have been known to alter moods and affect creativity. Which of the following contributes more to creativity when it comes to collaboration?
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In order to experience optimal creativity, you should closely monitor your thoughts.
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Where is the seat of creativity found in the brain?
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Creative people are also besieged by mental illness.
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Can meditation lead to more creativity?
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Having "mind-altering" experiences before the age of 20 is important in terms of encouraging white matter growth, an abundance of which is a signature feature of highly creative people.
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Depressive people are more creative.
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To exercise your creative muscles, you can create a thought experiment. A thought experiment is:
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Which circumstance promotes creativity the most?
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