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If you listened to Josh and Chuck's trifecta of shows about crime scenes, then you should clean up on this quiz. What did you learn about blood spatter, photography and cleanup?

What is the preferred industry term for crime scene cleanup?

To be honest, "hazard cleaning" kind of nails it, but "crime and trauma scene decontamination" is the industry term for crime scene cleanup.


Who invented the mug shot?

If you fell for Orson Welles, we don't blame you -- sounds like something he would do. But in fact, it was crime scene photographer Alphonse Bertillon.


True or False: Crime scene photographers use inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras.

Those fancy SLRs cameras are used too, but the bulk of crime scene photography is done with simple-to-use, point-and-shoot cameras.


In crime scene cleanup, bodily fluids are classified as what?

Bodily fluids are classified as biohazards, and here's a word of advice -- stay away from whatever "class II waste" is.


When a dry bit of blood spatter flakes and falls from a wall, it leaves a lone red ring. What is this known as?

Don't get carried away here. Remember that we said dry drops tend to skeletonize on walls.


A photo showing the key piece of evidence in context of the murder scene is known as what?

Again, it's best to leave sensationalism to crime scene TV shows. A good mid-range shot shows the murder weapon in context of the scene as a whole.


True or False: Blood droplets dry from the inside out.

False. If we're talking blood droplets, we're talking about some outside-in drying.


What is an important trait for a crime scene cleanup worker to have?

You can always use good penmanship, but many times, grieving families are there when the cleanup happens. This makes sympathy a required trait.


Why does blood always travel in spherical drops?

Blood molecules are very cohesive, so they squeeze against each other until they form a shape with the smallest area possible. That's called surface tension, my friend.


Latent fingerprints are likely to be photographed how?

Color photography is almost always used at crime scenes, but sometimes black and white really captures the moment when it comes to fingerprints.


What is a fogger used for in crime scene cleanup?

Sometimes a fogger is used to get into tight spots like air ducts. And after hours you can always use it to rock the house.


Early crime scene photographers were known to do what?

Sadly, all of these answers could be true. But in this case photographers were known to change the scene around in order to achieve a more artistic result.


Upon drying, what does brain matter do?

You better bring that putty knife if you want to scrape dried brains from the wall of a crime scene. Brain matter becomes hard like cement.


What New York crime scene photographer became a famous artist in the early 1940s?

Crime scene photographer Arthur Fellig staged art showings called "Weegee: Murder is my Business" in New York City in 1941.


If the force of impact of a blood droplet is less than 5 feet per second or less, it's known as what?

Boy do we wish it was called "spittle spatter." Oh well. We'll have to settle on the more dull "low velocity spatter."


Blood impressions made by objects or caused by movement are known as what?

If an object, like a weapon, makes a blood stain, it's called a transfer. The same can be said if it was rubbed on a wall by the killer's pants leg.


A high-velocity blood spatter travels how fast?

When it comes to gunshot wounds and other kinds of high-velocity spatter, the blood moves at more than 100 feet per second.


What happens to the body's organs during decomposition?

One of the nastiest facets of decomposition is that the organs actually digest themselves.


What movie was inspired by the work of crime scene photographer Arthur "Weegee" Fellig?

Fellig's photo essay entitled "Naked City" inspired the 1947 movie of the same name.


True or false: By law, all incorporated towns in the United States must have at least one dedicated crime scene photographer.

Not so! Smaller towns most likely do not have a full-time crime scene photographer. This duty can fall to a number of different responders.


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