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See if you can answer these true or false questions about the crocodilian species with ease. The more you know may help you determine the ultimate river champion in the Rumble in the River. At the end of this quiz, go on to test your hippo knowledge, too.

Crocodiles can digest all the bones and shells they eat.

Crocodiles' stomachs are so acidic they can digest all the seemingly indigestible parts of their victims.


A crocodile has a wide, flat snout.

A crocodile has a narrow, V-shaped snout, as opposed to an alligator's flatter, wider snout. Also, a crocodile's lower teeth are visible when its mouth is shut.


Crocodiles existed before dinosaurs.

Crocodiles have seen the dinosaurs come and go. They've been around for nearly a quarter billion years. The largest crocodile ever known was a prehistoric monster called <i>Deinosuchus</i>, or "terror croc." It was 40 feet long.


Male crocodiles usually grow faster than females.

Males grow faster than females, and are larger at maturity.


A crocodile's stomach is not much bigger than a human hand.

A crocodile's stomach is not much bigger than a human <i>head</i>.


Crocodiles chase their prey into submission.

Crocodiles do not chase their prey — they prefer to surprise them.


The crocodile's closest relative is the bird.

The crocodile is one of the most advanced reptiles, and its closest living relatives outside the crocodilian family are birds.


Crocodiles cry real "crocodile tears."

Crocodiles cannot actually cry "crocodile tears."


It's easy to hold a crocodile's jaws shut.

Although they have powerful jaws, it is easy to hold a crocodile's mouth shut — the muscles that open them are much weaker than those used for snapping them shut.


Several crocodile species are in danger of becoming extinct in the wild.

The Chinese alligator may be the most endangered of its species. At last count in 1999, there were fewer than 150 found in its natural habitat in eastern China.


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