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You might think of crocheting as something little old ladies do to pass the time, but this age-old and extremely useful art form has actually been enjoyed by people of all persuasions for centuries. In fact, men were the first to utilize crochet to make fishing nets! Indeed, crochet is about more than just making attractive afghans for the living room sofa. Lace, crocheted versions of stuffed animals, cell phone cases, baby shoes, headbands and bracelets are just a few of the one-of-a-kind gifts that crocheters get a serious buzz off making.

Crocheting is an often-addictive hobby. Unlike many crafty art forms like painting or quilting, it’s not terribly expensive because all you need is a hook and some yarn to get going. Crocheters often report that the activity helps them to de-stress, plus it helps with memory and concentration issues. In fact, a pair of studies found that crocheters reported reduced anxiety and symptoms of depression when they engage in the activity daily. One of the more popular crochet projects is a “mood blanket,” for which the crocheter completes a row or two a day at their own pace, choosing each time a color of yarn that reflects your current mood or attitude in life.

So if idle hands are something you simply can’t abide and you want to pick up an affordable, enjoyable activity, learn to crochet! You don’t even have to leave the house, since the Crochet Guild of America offers online videos for people of all ages and ability levels, including children!

Where did crochet first appear?

The first examples of crochet were discovered in early 19th-century Europe. Crochet is the process of creating a patterned fabric from looped yarn, thread or other materials.


Which term was used for "crochet" in the early years?

Early examples of crochet were known as shepherd's knitting.


True or false: Crochet is most often done with a set of two pointed needles.

Crochet is most often done with a hook. Hand knitting often requires a set of two pointed needles.


How many sizes of crochet hooks are there?

According to the Craft Yarn Council, there are 17 sizes of crochet hooks available. The sizes are designated with a letter or a number in the U.S. sizing system or in millimeters in the metric system.


The first published instructions of crochet were printed in the Dutch magazine Penelope. Which year did the article run?

The first printed instructions of crochet were published in the Dutch magazine Penelope in 1823. The article featured five purses created by crocheting.


Which queen bought Irish crochet during the potato famine?

Queen Victoria showed her support by purchasing Irish crochet lace during the potato famine of the 1840s and 1850s.


Queen Victoria crocheted scarves for veterans of which war?

The South African War is also known as the Boer War and was fought from 1899 to 1902.


In crochet terminology, what does "bcr" stand for?

The back cross-stitch can be used to create eyelets in a crochet fabric.


The word "crochet" comes from the word "croche," which is from what language?

The Middle French word "croche" translates to "hook" in English.


Which crochet pattern is commonly used by beginners?

The granny square is a pattern commonly used by crocheting beginners.


Yarn weight is separated into how many categories?

Currently yarn is separated into eight weight categories. The categories are noted by number symbol zero, which is lace, through seven, which is called jumbo.


Yarn is often sold in an oblong shape. What is this bundle of yarn called?

Yarn is sold in a formed bundle called a skein. The shape of the skein prevents the yarn from becoming knotted or tangled.


Which common crochet stitch is abbreviated "sc"?

Single crochet is the stitch denoted by the abbreviation "sc."


Which of the following is NOT a component of a crochet hook?

A crochet hook is made up of four zones, or components: the handle, shaft, point and groove. A crochet hook does not have an eye.


What is the crochet abbreviation for chain or chain stitch?

The crochet abbreviation for chain is "ch." The chain stitch is a common component of many more complicated crochet stitches.


What is the category name for yarn weight five?

The category name for yarn weight five is "bulky."


True or false: Wire can be used to crochet.

Wire can be used as a unique alternative to yarn or crochet thread. In addition to wire, people have crocheted with strips of fabric and even plastic bags.


Which crochet hook creates stitches that resemble rows of knitting?

The Afghan hook is used to create stitches that resemble knitting. This crocheting is called Afghan or Tunisian crochet.


What does the crochet abbreviation sl st mean?

The crochet abbreviation "sl st" stands for slip stitch. A slip stitch is often used to join two crochet pieces together.


How long is the longest crochet chain in the world?

According to Guinness World Records, the longest crochet chain in the world is 80.78 miles long. The chain was created by Anne Vanier-Drussel of France in 2008.


What is the weight symbol for yarn with the category name "fine"?

Fine yarn has a weight symbol of two.


True or false: Worsted weight yarn is very lightweight yarn.

Worsted weight yarn is in the medium weight yarn category. Worsted weight yarn has the weight symbol four on the package.


What is the crochet abbreviation for the term "yarn over"?

A yarn over, or "yo," creates space or an opening in a piece of crochet work.


The world's fastest crocheter made 5,113 stitches in how many minutes?

According to Guinness World Records, Lisa Gentry crocheted 5,113 stitches in just 30 minutes. That is equivalent to 170 stitches per minute.


In crochet, how is gauge measured?

The gauge of a piece of crochet work is measured in stitches per inch and rows per inch. Gauge is used to ensure a crochet piece, such as a hat or sweater, will be the correct size when finished.


Which tool can one use to check for gauge when crocheting?

A 4-inch (10-centimeter) test or sample swatch is made using suggested hook size and instructions. Hook size can be adjusted to achieve the proper gauge.


Worsted weight yarn is named after a village in which country?

Worsted weight yarn is named after Worstead, England. In the 12th century, the village was a hub for the manufacture of yarn and cloth.


The world's largest crochet blanket was measured on April 22, 2016. How big was it?

The world's largest crochet blanket was 185,016 square feet. Approximately 1,500 South African inmates from 30 correctional facilities created the blanket for Nelson Mandela Day.


True or false: Today crochet can be replicated by machines.

Machines can not yet replicate handcrafted crochet. There are "crochet machines," but they use needles instead of the hooks used to create true crochet.


Which crochet stitch creates a texture that resembles animal scales?

The crocodile stitch creates a texture that resembles the scales on a crocodile.


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