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Want a truly luxurious vacation? Take a cruise! Simply hop aboard a cruise ship and sail the world – with every amenity imaginable at your fingertips, of course.

If slicing the ice on an indoor skating rink sounds like a great way to pass the time on your cruise, which of these lines will you need to book?

Every cruise line offers great diversions on their ships, but Royal Caribbean is the only one we know that offers indoor ice skating rinks aboard some of their vessels.


Which of these cruise destinations boasts a recently discovered case of Scotch left buried in ice for 100 years?

Antarctica -- an increasingly popular cruise destination -- features a case of Scotch left behind by an abandoned 1909 expedition to the continent and only recently discovered.


Which of these occasions generally requires booking a full year in advance to ensure you get a place on the cruise ship during the holiday?

In addition to New Year's and Christmas, cruises over the Thanksgiving holiday usually sell out a full year in advance. Book early!


Arguably the greatest hour-long television comedy set aboard a cruise ship, The Love Boat, was filmed on what real-life cruise line's vessel?

The actors who played the characters Gopher, Captain Stubing, Isaac and the rest spent their days filming aboard a Princess Cruises ship.


Which part of the boat is the best place for a traveler prone to seasickness to book a cabin?

The middle of the ship, including both front to back and top to bottom, is best place for a cruiser likely to suffer from seasickness. It experiences the least amount of motion.


Which company, still in operation today, was the main rival to the White Star Line, the company that operated the Titanic?

Cunard Lines eventually merged with its main rival, White Star Lines, in 1934 in order to survive the Great Depression.


At the captain's table, the captain traditionally does not customarily do which of these to signal it's okay to begin eating and dining?

If you're seated at the captain's table, he or she will generally propose a toast or say something like "bon appétit" to indicate it's okay for you to begin dining.


Which of these refers to the right side of the ship when you're facing forward?

Starboard refers to the right side of the ship when you're facing forward to the bow (the front) of the ship.


Which of these works as a pharmaceutical cure for seasickness?

Antihistamines combat the nausea associated with seasickness. These can be delivered in several ways, such as pill form or as an injection.


Which of these areas tends to feature the choppiest seas?

The Strait of Magellan, between Hong Kong and the Philippines, is known for its rough waters.


Most ships observe a cash-less system. This means you should plan on:

Because most ships operate using a cashless system, plan on tipping once at the end of the cruise. From $9 to $12 per person who serves you per day is recommended.


When's the best time of year to take a cruise to Patagonia?

Patagonia, in Southernmost South America, gets pretty chilly. It's best to visit from May to September.


Royal Caribbean is launching the world's largest and most expensive cruise ship ever. What is its name?

Royal Caribbean lines has the Genesis in the works. Estimated price tag: $1.4 billion.


What two countries are you between if you sail through the Bering Strait on a cruise?

The Bering Strait separates Russia from the United States by a mere 58 miles (85 km).


Which of these three White Star Line Olympic class ships sunk after it hit a mine in World War I?

The Britannic sunk in the Mediterranean sea after hitting a mine in 1915. All three of these White Star sister ships sank.


Which of these is another name for the weight of the ship?

The burden is another term for the gross weight of a ship.


Which of these ships boasted evening opera performances in the onboard Royal Court Theatre?

The Queen Mary 2, launched in 1967, featured the theatre as an amenity. It's logged more than 800 voyages in its history. Now that's a lot of opera.


How far away does a cruise ship have to be from shore to legally dump its solid and liquid waste into the sea?

International law dictates that cruise ships must be at least 3 miles (4.8 km) from any shore in order to dump waste at sea legally.


Which coast of Mexico are you sailing along if your cruise ship passes the country's Gold Coast?

Mexico's Gold Coast (Costa del Oro) stretches between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta, along the nation's West Coast.


Which of these cruise lines is known for spas that offer Balinese-style treatments?

Norwegian Cruise Lines offers Bal-press in its spas. This Balinese acupressure treatment relieves stress, even when you're on a completely stressless cruise.


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